Editors Note

Finding the Perfect Balance

Just one month has passed since I shared the news about my feline foster family - an adolescent mom and her six kittens - but it feels like a lifetime ago based on how much they have grown and developed.

A Labor of Love

The shelter Im affiliated with has had an excess of newborn, orphaned and sickly kittens this year, so foster homes are currently scarce. I have a spare bedroom in my home, so I decided to make myself available for this worthwhile cause.

The Feline Instinct

Its hard to believe that the dog days of summer are well behind us, and that we have our feet firmly planted in the Fall season once again. Theres something about the cool night-time temperatures and the gradual preparation for winter here in the Northeast that always brings a cozy feeling into my heart.

Making an Educated Guess

At the local shelter where I volunteer, one of the most common questions about the adoptable dogs is: Does she get along with cats? And truthfully, the majority of our dogs are those with an unknown history, frequently rescued off the streets of a nearby city. And in our small facility, its very, very hard to safely assess the cat-friendly aspect of a dogs temperament. …

Why Mess With Perfection?

A recent study relating to feline genes suggests that theyve remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, and that they actually domesticated themselves.

The Hazards of Holidays

For most of us, the spring and summer months usher in long holiday weekends filled with family, friends, barbeque and celebration.

Do Try This at Home!

Two of my cats cant seem to get enough of my attention while Im working at my computer. As I type this, Rocky is sitting squarely on a small, tidy pile of papers at my left elbow.

The Plight of the Feral Cat

When you think of Hawaii, you probably picture cerulean blue oceans, wafting palm trees, towering volcanoes and picturesque beaches (and maybe even Elvis!). What you may not imagine are feral cats - and lots of them! With a temperate climate, no natural predators and, until recently, not enough affordable spay/neuter options, free-roaming cats have taken root in the Hawaiian Islands in a significant way.

Safety Tips for Spring

Luckily, we experienced a relatively mild winter here in the Northeast. And as the weather stays more temperate with each passing day, its so nice to throw open the windows, do a little Spring cleaning and simply daydream about the gardening that can get underway in another month or so.

March Into Spring!

An interesting movement called the One Health Initiative is taking it a bit further by demonstrating that the health of humans, animals and the environment are all interconnected. Specialists in various fields are working together to find solutions to health problems that impact all of us. Not just people. Not just cats. Not just trees. All of us. Its a heady concept thats actually about as basic as it gets.

The Gift of Spay/Neuter

By helping to curb feline overpopulation, you are making the world a better place for cats.

A Special Houseguest

A couple of months ago, I started volunteering at the local municipal shelter. One of my tasks is sharing photos and descriptions of adoptable animals through social media.