It’s actually better if you just keep the cat out of the room.

If You Think You Find the Home Renovation Stressful…

Home improvement projects have been steadily increasing. Even during the pandemic, the surge continued and actually accelerated in some locales. It’s understandable. As people were stuck in their houses, they wanted better kitchens, updated home offices, perhaps a refinished ensuite bath in the main bedroom. Many bought new homes altogether — and are continuing to […]
Senior Woman and her Pet Cat

Q. Can the cat move into the senior living facility, too?

Q. At age 87, my mother simply cannot live on her own anymore, and she has agreed that she’d be better off in a housing facility for older people where staff is on hand to look after the residents. But it would be extremely difficult for her to part with her cat, Sissy, whom she […]
If the banana is overripe, he may recoil.

Household Odors Your Cat Doesn’t Like

The uplifting scent of flowers, the rejuvenating odor of lemon, or the kitchen-cozy aroma of cinnamon may seem the perfect note to add to your home. But you could be overwhelming your cat’s sensitive olfactory systTem with odors that don’t appeal to him. Your feline friend has anywhere from 45 million to 200 million olfactory […]
A White Cat Sits On The Balcony Of An Apartment Building And Loo

During the Dog Days of Summer, Cats Fall from Windows

Veterinary practices report that during the summer months, they see significantly more cats who have injured themselves falling out of windows. These emergencies occur...
No need to put on a fan. He will find a shady spot to keep cool.

How Warm Is Too Warm?

Cats are okay with indoor temperatures significantly higher than what we might like, even though fur usually covers their entire bodies. Some may even prefer it. That’s one of the reasons they enjoy settling into tight spaces; body heat can’t escape as easily. But can it get too hot? In just about all cases, no, […]
No one wants to relinquish a cat to a shelter, but sometimes it’s the best thing.

Stigma-Free Pet Surrender

As recently as the 1980s and 1990s, there was a prevailing notion among animal advocates that people who gave up their pets were acting irresponsibly. A number of studies suggested that people relinquished their cats largely because of behavior problems, and that if they just stuck it out and tended to the issues more conscientiously, […]
If he balks at using the litter box, it may be the litter that she objects to.

Litter Box Don’ts

If you want your cat to maintain good litter box habits, here are a few things not to do. Don’t put the litter box in a high-traffic area. Cats, like people, prefer a little privacy when they are going to the “bathroom.” They may not want the litter box as far away as the basement […]
Some of Cypress’s million-plus cats lounging in a courtyard.

The Place Where Cats Outnumber People

The Greek island of Cypress has 1.2 million people, but 1.5 million cats! It is believed that cats first arrived on the island in large numbers in 328 AD. Helena of Constantinople sent over 1,000 of them in two boatloads to deal with an infestation of snakes; the venomous animals were interfering with the construction […]
Yup, cats can be taught to do this — and enjoy it!

Agility Training

We’ve all seen footage of dogs navigating agility courses — walking figure eights around cones, jumping over obstacles, flying through hoops, and cooperating with their owners in all kinds of other feats that require concentration as well as physical conditioning. Guess what? Cats can do it, too. It’s easy enough to set up an agility […]
Newborn kittens can’t hold their body heat. Their mothers curl around them to keep them warm.

What to Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting

Breeders, people who have taken in a stray who has not been spayed, and those who tend to feral cat colonies may all find themselves looking after a pregnant cat. Here’s what to know. A normal cat pregnancy generally lasts 63 to 65 days but can be as short as 57 days and as long […]

Declawing Banned from Certified Cat-Friendly Veterinary Practices

It’s official. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has banned the elective declawing of cats in veterinary offices that receive certification as cat friendly establishments. Unnecessary declawing will join the list of things that have to be in place to officially be called a cat friendly office, including a cat-only reception and waiting area. […]
She may actually be trying to groom you.

Love Bites, Or Just Bites?

You are gently stroking your cat, and she is clearly enjoying it, when out of nowhere she begins biting you. The bites are not aggressive. There’s no hissing or tail swishing involved, and she’s not trying to scratch you with her claws. There’s something almost casual about the bites, in fact. But while these “love […]