Some — but not all — cats like to be kissed.

Three Ways to Minimize Stress

As you already know, cats are not generally the most “chill” of animals. They startle easily and, if they feel overwhelmed, can become withdrawn or grumpy — or both. Here are three simple ways to reduce stress so your pet can maintain emotional equilibrium. Feed your cat and play with him at approximately the same […]
When people can no longer pay their mortgage and lose their home as a result, they sometimes cannot take their cat with them and decide to leave her in the house. They assume “the next person” will find the cat and take good care of her. It’s a bad idea.

Cats Left in Foreclosed Homes

When people can no longer pay their mortgage and lose their home as a result, they sometimes cannot take their cat with them and decide to leave her in the house. They assume “the next person” will find the cat and take good care of her. It’s a bad idea. “Agents for the foreclosure company […]
How many hours has the cat been left by herself?

Home Alone, But For How Long?

The rule of thumb for how long you can safely leave a cat home alone is 24 hours. Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM, head of the Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic, does not like that rule at all. “I would never leave a cat alone for 24 hours,” she says. “It’s not a good idea.” It’s not just […]
There are safe ways for your cat to be outside.

Yes, Your Cat Should Go Outdoors, If Possible

Until about 1950, pet cats were strictly outdoor pets or a combination of indoor/outdoor. But the development of cat litter in 1947 and the desire to keep cats safe led many veterinary organizations to recommend that cats be kept exclusively indoors. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) sees it differently. “Indoor/outdoor living for cats […]

Cat Color Code

You know what a tuxedo cat is — a black cat with white on its belly, paws, and sometimes its face. But do you know what a “Van” is? Or a “Harlequin” or “Mackerel?” Here’s a rundown of just some of the terms that describe various cat coloring. Harlequin. A mostly white cat. Van. A […]
If a cat stops using his favorite scratching post, it may mean he’s in pain.

Old Cats: Three Vet Visits Yearly

If your cat is older than 15, you should be taking him to the veterinarian for a wellness exam not twice a year but three times, or every 4 months. That’s the latest advice from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), a cat-centric veterinary organization that has just come out with new guidelines for […]
TRIXIE Fun Board

Feeding By Food Puzzle

You do your best to make sure your cat is pampered and enjoying the good life. But you may be overlooking her innate prey drive and need for a challenge that goes beyond what a dangled feather can offer. Food-containing puzzles that require feline strategy and focus will help satisfy her urge to hunt for […]
Whatever you do, don’t tell your child you had to “put the cat to sleep.” That could make him scared for himself come bedtime.

An End-of-Life Toolkit

Should other animals in the home be present for the euthanasia of a cat or see the deceased cat’s body one last time? This is one of the issues addressed in an End-of-Life Toolkit recently released by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). To help answer the question, the organization points to a study […]
They may look creepy, but they’re delightful.

Werewolf Cats: Not Just for Full Moons

There’s nothing scary about werewolf cats, a rare breed whose moniker is attributable to their sometimes hairless faces surrounded by tufts of fur. In fact, they are “a fun loving, intelligent breed who loves to interact with humans, cats, and even dogs,” according to the Cat Fanciers Association. Officially known as the Lykoi — Greek […]
It’s actually better if you just keep the cat out of the room.

If You Think You Find the Home Renovation Stressful…

Home improvement projects have been steadily increasing. Even during the pandemic, the surge continued and actually accelerated in some locales. It’s understandable. As people were stuck in their houses, they wanted better kitchens, updated home offices, perhaps a refinished ensuite bath in the main bedroom. Many bought new homes altogether — and are continuing to […]
Senior Woman and her Pet Cat

Q. Can the cat move into the senior living facility, too?

Q. At age 87, my mother simply cannot live on her own anymore, and she has agreed that she’d be better off in a housing facility for older people where staff is on hand to look after the residents. But it would be extremely difficult for her to part with her cat, Sissy, whom she […]
If the banana is overripe, he may recoil.

Household Odors Your Cat Doesn’t Like

The uplifting scent of flowers, the rejuvenating odor of lemon, or the kitchen-cozy aroma of cinnamon may seem the perfect note to add to your home. But you could be overwhelming your cat’s sensitive olfactory systTem with odors that don’t appeal to him. Your feline friend has anywhere from 45 million to 200 million olfactory […]