She may actually be trying to groom you.

Love Bites, Or Just Bites?

You are gently stroking your cat, and she is clearly enjoying it, when out of nowhere she begins biting you. The bites are not aggressive. There’s no hissing or tail swishing involved, and she’s not trying to scratch you with her claws. There’s something almost casual about the bites, in fact. But while these “love […]
Without health insurance for your cat, expect to part with lots of $100 bills over the course of his lifetime.

Why You Should Buy Pet Health Insurance — and How to Choose a Policy

Imagine a member of your household needing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help diagnose a certain condition so the doctor can be sure of the right treatment, but you decide to forgo it because at $1,400, it’s too expensive; you’ll just wait and see what happens. Or picture a cat you love requiring hospitalization for […]
St. Louis is one of America’s top 10 cat-friendly cities.

The Most Cat-Friendly Cities in America

It’s official. Birmingham, Alabama, is the cat-friendliest city in the U.S. A website that rates pet products,, made the finding when it evaluated the 100 most populous cities according to four criteria: the availability of cat-friendly housing; the number of veterinary practices certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP); the preponderance of […]
She’s enjoying it, yes, but the moment she tells you she’s done, let her go.

The Key to Good Petting: High Frequency, Low Intensity

Perhaps after a day of work or chores you are finally ready to enjoy some down time with your cat and look forward to a good long stroking session. Some cats might enjoy that with people they are really comfortable with. But what cats like in general is not low frequency of interaction with high-intensity […]
What if the food you fed your cat made you less allergic to her?

Can Cat Food Be Formulated to Make Us Less Allergic to Our Feline Friends?

Imagine if the food we fed our cats could make us less allergic to them. It may sound far-fetched, but at least one company is now marketing a cat food designed to significantly reduce the allergens cats put into the environment. If it works, it will help the millions of people, cat owners included, who […]

Should Your Next Cat Be a Senior Citizen?

It’s hard to resist the adorable friskiness of a kitten. Furthermore, what infuses a home with good feelings better than a new life? People also like the idea of adopting a kitten because the cat doesn’t come with any “baggage” in the form of mistreatment or neglect somewhere else. You’re not starting out with potentially […]
Cat-loving men can get dates, too.

For Guys with Cats: There’s Someone to Love You

First the bad news for single men with cats. When scrolling through photos on dating sites, women find men holding a feline “agreeable and open” but “less masculine, more neurotic,” and most important, “less dateable.” So say the results of a study conducted jointly by researchers at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and […]

Dear Doctor: No mascara for kitty

Q. I’ve noticed that my cat doesn’t have eyelashes. Does that mean she’s at greater risk than other cats of getting dirt in her eyes? Janine Van Ess Sacramento, California Dear Ms. Van Ess, A cat is at no disadvantage for not having eyelashes.  What they lack in lashes they make up for in eyelids. […]

A Second Cat For Your Home?

It’s no secret that cat adoptions have soared during the pandemic, especially in its early months. Of course, if you’re reading Tufts Catnip, you no doubt already have a cat, but perhaps you’ve been considering bringing home a second one. Or maybe you’ve wondered for a while whether to adopt another cat, even before the […]

Safe Travels!

You have to take your cat to the vet’s office, so you put her in her carrier, place it on the back seat, and then attach the carrier to the seat by running the seatbelt through the handle or straps before clicking the buckle, right? Wrong. If you don’t have a crash protection carrier, the […]
It’s often more of a cat nap than a deep sleep.

Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much?

A number of our clients have expressed concern that their cat sleeps too much. They worry all that sleep means their pet’s health is...
A cat is more than 95 percent tiger, genetically speaking.

6 Cat Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know…

A house cat is genetically 95.6 percent tiger. Cats can run up to about 30 miles per hour (but only over short distances). ...