A Halloween Tail


Black cats have long been associated with Halloween, and stories abound that they are in greater danger than cats of other colors during that holiday because people steal them and subject them to all kinds of abuse. Evidence is lacking. But cats of every stripe are at risk for various dangers at Halloween. With that in mind:

  • Keep your cat in a room with the door closed so she can’t escape the house each time trick-or-treaters come and you open the front door. She will appreciate being away from all the hubbub.
  • Don’t put a jack o’lantern with a real candle anywhere near where your cat might be able to get to it and possibly tip it over.
  • Keep candy and candy wrappers out of reach. Ditto for black and orange ribbons or any other holiday “strings” your cat might ingest, potentially leading to an intestinal blockage.
  • Don’t force your cat into a costume. If there’s something loose-fitting and your pet really doesn’t seem to mind, fine. But why make a cat uncomfortable for something whose meaning (and cuteness) will be completely lost on her?


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