Fat” and “Obese” are Not 
Four-Letter Words

People tend to shut down when the veterinarian says their cat is fat or obese. They take it as an affront, often interpreting those...

On Politics and Pet Care

This year in particular, it seems, emotions are running high about political events here in the U.S. as well as about conflicts in other...

Concerns that Catnip Will Make Your Cat High; Concerns that It Won’t

Some people don’t use recreational drugs, including alcohol, because such substances can become addictive and impair judgment that leads to harmful behavior. And they...

Do You Know Your Cat’s Blood Pressure? 
You Should.

Many veterinarians, in a nod to making cats as comfortable as possible during wellness exams, do not routinely check feline blood pressure. But high...

Your Cat Is Dying. How Does She Feel About It?

Research has revealed that cat caregivers emphasize the need for empathy when it comes to their pets more so than caregivers of dogs. This...

Your Role in Your Cat’s Orthopedic Exam

Michael H. Jaffe, DVM, service chief of small animal surgery at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, relates the story of the cat owner who told him that their cat “finally learned” not to jump on the kitchen table after 10 years. Dr. Jaffe wasn’t convinced. “If the cat could get up on the table, she would,” he says. “I thought the change in the cat’s behavior was a possible sign of arthritis pain.”

Easter Comes and Goes, but Lilies’ Threat to Cats is Forever

Some nurseries advertise that pollen-free lilies are safe for cats. They’re not. In fact, all parts of the lily plant are poisonous for felines....

Is It the Vet’s Fault or Yours?

Nearly one in two people with pets have gotten into a disagreement or heated interaction with their veterinarian or others on their animal’s veterinary...

5 Critical Cat Cancer Warning Signs

The statistics are not comforting. A tumor found either on or in a cat is three to four times as likely to be malignant...

Can an old cat withstand the anesthesia?

Q: I have a 14-year-old cat who needs surgery. But at that age, will she be able to tolerate the anesthesia?

He can’t learn to read music, but you can still teach him a lot of other fun tricks. 

Cat’s got rhythm

Q: My wife and I have noticed that when we put on soft classical numbers, our cat seems to settle in and become calmer. Are we imagining this, or might she actually be responding to the music?

Increased Thirst May be Something Other than Diabetes

People often assume increased thirst and drinking — medically termed polydipsia — results from diabetes, but it can have a number of other causes: