On Politics and Pet Care


This year in particular, it seems, emotions are running high about political events here in the U.S. as well as about conflicts in other regions of the globe. And sometimes those emotions spill over into discourse that might not be relevant or appropriate to a particular setting.

Veterinarian Marc Rosenberg, who heads a veterinary clinic in New Jersey, says that one of those settings could be your cat’s doctor’s office, with the potential for veterinary staff to broach subjects outside of veterinary medicine that can be “risky” and make pet owners feel uncomfortable.

The common denominator is the pet, Dr. Rosenberg says in dvm360.com. “Honest, transparent, veterinary medicine is the key,” he points out, not potentially explosive subject matter that can lead to bad feelings and has nothing to do with your cat’s health. If you are made to feel uncomfortable by being drawn into a political discussion, you have a right to speak up.


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