For How Long Can a Cat Food be “New” and “Improved”?

Have you ever seen the word “new” or “improved” on a cat food label? If so, it shouldn’t be there for more than the first six months of production. “It’s not new forever,” says the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), whose guidelines are generally written into law by each state legislature.

Readying Your Cat For His Eye Exam

When your cat goes for his physical, the vet should check his eyes for injury, infections, and disease. But cats don’t much like people poking around their faces, especially their doctors. That’s why you might want to adjust your cat to the idea of hands near his eyes at home.

Sunscreen on Your Indoor Cat

Is your cat white, or mostly white? And does he like to lounge by the window for hours in warm weather, soaking up the sun’s rays? Then apply sunscreen that has been formulated for cats, focusing on his nose, the tips of his ears, his belly and groin areas, and anywhere else on his body with thin to no fur to protect his skin. Even through a closed window, the sun’s harmful rays can cause painful sunburn and set the stage for squamous cell carcinoma, a common skin cancer in cats.

How Concerned Should You Be about Lumps and Bumps on Your Cat’s Coat?

Feline skin is second only to the feline lymphatic system as the site of lumps and bumps—various tumors, cysts, and other abnormal growths, known medically as neoplasms. Sometimes these growths grow alarmingly large. But even when they’re small, they concern people with cats—for good reason. No one wants to see or feel swellings on their pet’s coat that shouldn’t be there. “I am asked to evaluate them daily,” says Tufts veterinary internist Michael Stone, DVM.

When Your Cat Won’t Eat, Don’t Do This

A lot of people, when their cat won’t eat, keep offering up one food after another. Don’t be one of them. It can actually...

A Movie to Skip

From a cat lover’s point of view, the only good thing about the movie Argylle released a few months ago is that it has...

Cat litter that changes color to detect health problems

Q: I’ve noticed some new cat litters on the market that say when your cat urinates, the litter changes color to indicate whether there’s...

The Device Recommended For Removing a Tick from Your Cat

As the weather warms, ticks flourish. And any cat who has access to the outdoors, perhaps because he uses a catio or because you...

How likely is a white cat to be deaf?

Q: You always hear that white cats are likely to be deaf, but I have an all white cat who has no hearing problems whatsoever. How can that be?

If Your Cat Were a Person, How Old Would She Be?

Forget the old saw that the way to calculate a cat’s age in human ears is to multiply each year by seven. That simply won’t give you an accurate assessment of where your cat is at in life, say the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Older Cat Less Active? Maybe Your Floors are Too Slippery

Laminate and tiled floors and even wood flooring can prove very slippery for an old cat who’s not as steady as she once was. And that, in turn, can make her less likely to be active. If your cat is avoiding a particular room or space in the house that she used to frequent, consider putting a runner there. You might be happily surprised to find her confidently making her way across. 

If Your Cat’s Ears Look Dirty, Don’t Clean Them!

You notice some gunk in one or both of your cat’s ears and are tempted to clean out the dirt. Don’t, especially not if the debris keeps accumulating, your pet’s ears smell bad, she’s scratching or swatting at them, or she keeps shaking or tilting her head. It means her ears are not just dirty. Something’s wrong that requires a veterinarian’s attention.