12 Things You Know To Be True About Your Cat — But Aren’t

Just because something is repeated very often doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. And when it comes to cats, commonly held misconceptions can interfere with your bond with your pet, and even her wellbeing. Herewith, 12 statements about cats that are frequently accepted as truths — but aren’t. Milk and cats go together. Not necessarily. Most […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Older Cat’s Quality of Life

Is your aging cat suffering from degenerative joint disease, decreased muscle mass, or other problems that hinder her mobility and therefore are interfering with her quality of life? The American Association of Feline Practitioners offers some easy-to-do practical tips for keeping her happy as she grows older. Provide steps or ramps to help her access […]

Up, Up and Away

Consumer Reports maintains that a happy cat has a cat tree and has evaluated several on the market, noting that different cats have different tastes and requirements. The American Association of Feline Practitioners has endorsed the organization’s view by placing its article about cat trees on its website. It’s not surprising. Cats were originally tree […]

Cat is awfully thirsty

My cat seems to be drinking significantly more water than usual. I know we’re getting into the summer months but still, she has not drank so much before. Could something else be going on besides the heat? Isaac Kamidulin Scottsdale, Arizona Dear Ms. Kamidulin, Yes. There are three main reasons cats start drinking more, according […]

Morsels: May2022

Support Groups to Help Cat Owners Cope Veterinary practices, particularly larger hospitals, have begun hiring social workers to facilitate different types of support groups for people to discuss emotional issues pertaining to their cats: chronic illness, grief over the loss — or anticipated loss — of a pet, and behavioral issues. If you would like […]

Morsels April 2022

Yes, The Scratching Post Looks Ugly. That’s How Cats Like It. “Scratching post” and “interior decorating” do not go together, which is no doubt why many people keep their scratching posts in out-of-the-way places — behind the couch or in a back hallway. But doing that only invites scratches and tears in the fabric of […]

What’s Your Plan for Your Cat in a Weather-Related Emergency?

Almost one in four Americans has now had to evacuate their home due to a disaster or other emergency, according to data just released by the ASPCA. Almost half of those people left at least one pet at home. Forty percent were gone for at least 4 days, with almost 10 percent gone for at […]

Dear Doctor: Cat hates belly rubs

Q. My cat likes to roll over and expose her belly. But when I try to respond by stroking it, she scratches and bites. What am I doing wrong? Leland Morse Brookline, Massachusetts Dear Mr. Morse, A. What you’re doing wrong is trying to stroke your cat’s belly. She is not presenting it to you […]


You may have heard the news that in the last 3 years, cats started more than 100 house fires in the South Korean capital of Seoul. According to the Korea Herald, about half of them occurred while the owners were out. In some cases people were injured. What you may not know is that in […]
If the banana is overripe, he may recoil.

A Second Nose, Kind Of

Cats live in a world of odors of which we are only dimly aware. While the human nose has about 5 million scent-sensitive cells, the feline nose has 200 million — a 40-fold difference. But there’s more. Cats also have an odor detector that is completely absent from our anatomy. Called the vomeronasal organ, or […]

The Clinical Exam You Can Give Yourself

Your cat’s veterinary exams occur only once or twice a year. But you can give your pet physical exams at home to see if there might be a reason she should be brought to the doctor between scheduled appointments. Take these seven steps to assess your cat’s health, many of which are also recommended by […]

Dear Doctor: Feline acne

Q. My cat has developed small black dots on his chin and around his mouth. They don’t seem to be bothering him, but I’m wondering if they’re something I should be concerned about. Can you let me know if I need to take any action? Rosa York New York, NY Dear Ms. York, A. It […]