A cat-sized water fountain may be just the thing.

When Your Cat Needs to Drink More Water — But Won’t

Most of the time you don’t need to worry about whether your cat is drinking enough water. Setting out a bowl for her is usually enough. But a number of medical conditions increase a cat’s water requirement. One of them is kidney disease. Cats with kidney disease aren’t able to concentrate their urine as much […]
Cat getting ear cleaned

Ear Cleaning: Avoid It

There are lots of things we should be doing routinely to take care of our cats’ health, but cleaning their ears is not one of them. That’s because most of the causes of “dirty” ears — mite infestation, wax buildup, allergies, and foreign objects that get stuck in the ear canal — should be addressed […]
Some cats get pretty severe motion sickness.

Car Sickness

House cats rarely ride in the car — usually just for veterinary visits. But when they do, as many as half suffer from some degree of motion sickness. No doubt nauseated, they vomit and, in some cases, even urinate and have diarrhea. Other signs include excessive drooling and a type of loud, tormented hyper vocalization […]
A White Cat Sits On The Balcony Of An Apartment Building And Loo

During the Dog Days of Summer, Cats Fall from Windows

Veterinary practices report that during the summer months, they see significantly more cats who have injured themselves falling out of windows. These emergencies occur...
Why cats have whiskers, how they can lose them, and what to do about it.

By A Whisker

Pop quiz! True or false? Whiskers are hairs. A cat has 6, 10, or 12 whiskers on either side of her nose. True or false? The human equivalent of whiskers are the tiny hairs in our ears.   Whiskers are indeed hairs (they can even turn grey with age). 2. A cat typically has 12 […]
Game on!

As American as Baseball and…Cats?

It was the bottom of the eighth between the Colorado Rockies and the L.A. Dodgers when a long-haired grey cat darted onto Denver’s Coors Field behind home plate. He made his way straight to second base, then headed for the outfield to lie down in the grass near Dodgers player Cody Bellinger. The move brought […]

Have You Installed a Catio Yet?

It has been only about 10 years since the word “catio” came into use to describe a cat-sized screened-in patio that lets feline pets enjoy the outdoors while remaining safely enclosed. But in that short time, sales of catios have burgeoned. More and more people have been building DIY catios, too. If you don’t have […]
Mosquito on Cats nose

Can Catnip Ward Off Mosquitoes, Too?

Cats don’t just roll over and rub against catnip for the high, a new study suggests. Chemicals in catnip called iridoids also appear to protect them from mosquitoes. Scientists at Iwate University in Japan rubbed iridoids on the heads of several house cats or allowed the cats to rub the substances on themselves. They then […]
Long-haired cats are more prone to hairballs, but regular brushing can cut down on their frequency. 

Hairballs Are Nothing to Worry About — Usually

A cat is never comfortable during the momentary hacking, gagging, and retching it takes to cough up a hairball. Nor is it comfortable to watch your pet having to deal with getting rid of one. But for the most part, it’s not harmful. It’s simply something that comes with being a feline. Fortunately, most hair […]
Newborn kittens can’t hold their body heat. Their mothers curl around them to keep them warm.

What to Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting

Breeders, people who have taken in a stray who has not been spayed, and those who tend to feral cat colonies may all find themselves looking after a pregnant cat. Here’s what to know. A normal cat pregnancy generally lasts 63 to 65 days but can be as short as 57 days and as long […]
With a blanket and toys, a cat carrier becomes a fun place to hang out.

How to Adjust Your Cat to the Carrier

You’ve got to take your cat somewhere — the vet’s, a boarding facility — but shoving her into the carrier in a struggle just before walking out the door is not the way to go. You can accustom your cat to her carrier by leaving it out for her to see and examine — and […]
Reading cat faces

Who Can Best Read Cats’ Faces? Women

If you see more cat hair around than usual and you’ve been vacuuming and dusting as frequently as always — or if you’re seeing...