Cat-loving men can get dates, too.

For Guys with Cats: There’s Someone to Love You

First the bad news for single men with cats. When scrolling through photos on dating sites, women find men holding a feline “agreeable and...
This toy can be your cat’s pal in your absence.

This Friendly Robot Makes a Great Cat Companion

You’ve been asked to stay late at work or want to spend a long day away with your family or friends, but what about the cat? Even if someone comes by to feed her, scoop out her litterbox, and spend a little time with her, she’s still going to be left alone for many hours […]
2022 is the year of the tiger — a close relative of your house pet.

6 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Relationship With Your Cat

Welcome to 2022! To start the year off on the right foot with your cat, why not resolve to follow through on the following six resolutions, all of which are very simple “investments” that will make your pet so much more content? 1. The trick is to give the reward within just a couple of […]
Were you hoping for a sociable pet but ended up with a scaredy cat?

Is Your Cat a Good Match For Your Household?

Did you wish for a lap cat but adopt one that doesn’t happen to feel very sociable toward people? Did you want a laid back pet but find yourself living with a cat who is more aggressive than you would have preferred, or perhaps exhibits stress through excessive grooming and litterbox issues such as inappropriate […]
Long-haired cats are often particularly prone to developing hair mats.

Hair Mats: Don’t Tangle With Them On Your Own

The fact that mats mar the sleek, beautiful look of a cat is only a small part of the problem. Mats can also be a dermatological issue. Cats have thin, sensitive skin, and mats can pinch the skin to the point of causing pain — and in some cases hinder movement. That’s because they tend […]

Taking the Stress Out of Bathing

Although most cats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves with their tongues and teeth (which they use as combs to rake their fur),...
Some — but not all — cats like to be kissed.

Is It Okay to Kiss Your Cat?

Cats don’t express affection by puckering their lips and pressing them against another cat — or a person. So how do they feel about you doing it to them? A lot of people kiss their cats on top of the head. Some cats will come to learn that you mean well by doing it. They […]
When you search for “funny cat videos” on YouTube, things like this pop up. Does it look like the cat finds it funny?

YouTube Cat Videos Not So Funny

Funny cat videos on YouTube have exceeded 25 billion views — from cats being “lazy” and falling over to acting “grumpy” or aggressive. But what makes us laugh could actually be extremely upsetting for a cat, and behavior that we perceive as delightfully amusing could be a sign of emotional distress or pain, says International […]
It's important to gradually adjust your cat to letting you examine her paws.

Guidelines for Proper Paw Care

You probably know it’s a good idea to trim your cat’s claws every 10 days to two weeks — both for her comfort and your own. But did you know that it’s also important to take routine care of her paws? Here are the steps to take. Give your cat’s paws a gentle wipe with […]

Yes, You Can Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet. But Should You?

Who among us hasn’t seen those cute little videos of cats doing their business in an actual toilet? And who among us hasn’t fantasized...
TRIXIE Fun Board

Feeding By Food Puzzle

You do your best to make sure your cat is pampered and enjoying the good life. But you may be overlooking her innate prey drive and need for a challenge that goes beyond what a dangled feather can offer. Food-containing puzzles that require feline strategy and focus will help satisfy her urge to hunt for […]
Whatever implement you use, take it slow.

Nail Trimming Made Easier

Some cats don’t like to be handled, especially around their paws, so their owners avoid regular nail trimming. That can spell trouble not only for upholstered furniture, rugs, and soft wood that can easily be scratched (as can your lap when your pet kneads on you). It’s also potentially bad for the cat. If her […]