What Animal Does Your Cat Like to Hunt?

Most cats display a preference for a particular type of prey, says the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. For instance, some cats may very much enjoy chasing mice, while others might be into catching birds — or bugs. Finding out just where your cat’s predatory instincts lie will help you buy or make […]

Happy Stuff

Those disappointed with their cat’s ho-hum response to catnip have an alternative in silver vine, more commonly used in parts of Asia where it is referred to by its Japanese nickname, matatabi. That’s short for “matatabi dance” or “travel again,” for cats’ wriggling movements along the floor when under the plant’s euphoria-inducing influence. It turns […]

Have You Tried Warming The Food?

If your older cat eats less food than she used to, that might be okay. Metabolism and activity slow down with age, so fewer calories are needed. But if she’s eating less food and losing weight, her appetite may have dipped a little too much. Presumably, cats, like people, experience a gradual decline in their […]

Morsels: September 2022

You May Have Only One Bathroom, But Your Cat Prefers Two For Herself Many homes have just one bathroom. But your cat still needs two — in the form of two litter boxes — both to feel secure and to address her requirements for fastidiousness in toileting. It’s best if the two litter boxes are […]

Morsels August 2022

Cat’s Tooth Resorbing? Extract It to Save Her From Pain. Cats don’t get cavities, but sometimes one or more teeth resorb, meaning the body gradually breaks a tooth down so that it eventually is gone both above and below the gum line. It’s not a problem over the long run. House cats don’t even need […]

Have You Been Practicing Proper Pet Food Hygiene?

Are you aware of the Food and Drug Administration’s pet food hygiene guidelines for minimizing the spread of harmful bacteria in your home that...

Dear Doctor: July 2022

To sleep, perchance to pounce Q: This is my first cat, and he seems to sleep so much of the time. Is that normal? Annette Slepian Plainville, Massachusetts Dear Ms. Slepian, A: Yes, it’s probably normal. Cats naturally sleep about 17 hours a day, on average — fully two thirds of their lives. But we […]

The Five Pillars of a Healthy Feline Environment

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) speak of the “five pillars of a healthy feline environment.” Are these pillars up in your home? Pillar 1. A safe place. “For a cat, says the AAFP and ISFM, “a safe place is a private and secure area, often […]

How to Bathe Your Cat in the Sink

Not all cats can stand to be bathed in the sink. They have to be rubbed with premoistened wipes formulated especially for felines with appropriate conditioners and antibacterials — or with a dry cat shampoo that comes in powdered form. But for cats who can handle a regular bath, here are some tips for making […]

Hot-Weather Hazards Even for the Entirely Indoor Cat

You’d think a cat who spends her life indoors would be entirely immune to the effects of hot weather, but that’s not the case. Your house cat is more at risk for certain health problems during the summer than at other times of year. Here’s a rundown. Falling from an open window. Veterinary practices routinely […]

12 Things You Know To Be True About Your Cat — But Aren’t

Just because something is repeated very often doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. And when it comes to cats, commonly held misconceptions can interfere with your bond with your pet, and even her wellbeing. Herewith, 12 statements about cats that are frequently accepted as truths — but aren’t. Milk and cats go together. Not necessarily. Most […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Older Cat’s Quality of Life

Is your aging cat suffering from degenerative joint disease, decreased muscle mass, or other problems that hinder her mobility and therefore are interfering with her quality of life? The American Association of Feline Practitioners offers some easy-to-do practical tips for keeping her happy as she grows older. Provide steps or ramps to help her access […]