Dear Doctor: A Debate over Feeding Cats

I am hoping you can settle an ongoing difference of opinion between me and one of my friends. We are both long-time cat owners, and consider ourselves to be very good caretakers with healthy, happy cats over the past twenty or more years.

Great Cat Care on a Budget

Pets enrich our lives in countless ways, but pet ownership does require responsibility and commitment. A cats basic needs arent that different from what we humans need - quality food, health care and personal belongings. Expenses can add up quickly, and sometimes balancing the necessities within your budget can become a juggling act. Budgeting strategies can include savvy shopping, knowing where to look for resources - and the areas where you should never scrimp. Here are some ways to control certain costs and care for your cat - without sacrificing her health and quality of life.

Why You Should Adopt an Older Cat

Its always fun to see playful kittens when you are at an adoption shelter (or anywhere, for that matter!). They are fluffy, adorable and hard to resist - but we also know that they require a lot of energy to raise properly. Sometimes, its the older cat sitting quietly in her cage who is the best choice for your particular household.

Cat Hairballs: A Common Dilemma

Who really knows why - and the cats not talking - but most hairballs seem to end up perfectly placed on a bedroom rug to be stepped on first thing in the morning. This cold, slimy mystery wad is just one of the things cat owners need to get used to because, well, hairballs are normal. They are the common byproduct of grooming.

Want to Work With Animals?

There are a variety of employment opportunities within the veterinary profession that do not require you to become an actual veterinarian. Its understood that one must love animals, care deeply about their wellbeing and have an abundance of patience to work in the field. Just as importantly, specific skills, knowledge and educational requirements are necessary to be qualified for these employment opportunities.

When Your Cat Vomits (A Lot)

Digestive system disorders are among the most frequently observed health problems in cats. Many of these disorders may be directly associated with organs such as the liver, pancreas and gall bladder, all of which play a crucial role in the digestive process. Many others, however, may arise in the alimentary canal, the long tube leading from a cats mouth and extending the full length of the animals body. A signal that something has gone wrong somewhere within this passageway often takes the form of a process scientifically termed emesis - but most commonly referred to as vomiting.

So You Want to Open a Cat Caf …..

Firstly, you need to consider this to be an affair of the heart AND the head. If coffee and cats sound like your perfect cup of tea, there are quite a few things to consider before pouncing into the cat caf business. When Sergio Castillo, co-owner of Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland, OR, was asked what inspired him to open a cat caf, he said, One day my wife, Kristen, announced I want to do that! They then sat down and talked about everything it would take to be successful - including leaving their jobs - to run not just a new business but a new idea.

The Universal Appeal of Cat Cafs

As I settle into the easy chair and sip a cup of tea, Mr. Moo plays with toys, Fernando lounges on the futon and Tiggy Bella is blissfully curled into a cubbyhole mounted on the wall. An afternoon tea break and snuggle time with my cats is my usual routine - but this isnt my living room, nor are these my cats. Mr. Moo, Fernando, Tiggy Bella and a handful of other cats temporarily reside at Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland, OR while they (briefly!) wait to be adopted into their forever homes.

The Ability to Detect a Single Cancer Cell During Surgery

When removing a malignant tumor, a surgeon cant see a single cancer cell left behind with the naked eye - or even 10,000 cancer cells. Thats a microscopic amount, which is why excised tumors currently get sent to pathologists. They can look at a few small sections of an excised tumor under the microscope and get an idea of whether the cancer was removed in its entirety. But what if a method was developed that allowed cancer surgeons to see right in the operating room, before the patient was closed back up, whether any cancer cells remained?

Long-Term Care for Elders and Pets

Lunch service is over and Mr. M collects some leftovers to share with his companion, Sissy. He does this every day, after each meal, because Sissy cant come to the dining room. Mr. M takes care of Sissy, and they enjoy their daily walks together. Through these activities, Sissy also helps Mr. M to feel happy and loved. Mr. M and Sissy - a plump black Chihuahua mix - both reside at Pine Grove Nursing Center deep in the heart of the east Texas piney woods in Center, TX.

The Other Opioid Crisis

While opioids are destroying peoples lives and the lives of their family members throughout all strata of society - rich, poor, urban, suburban, rural - they are also in short supply in hospitals around the country. This is true both for hospitals that serve people and those that serve their pets. Reports are coming in that in some hospitals, elective surgeries for people - gall bladder removal, hernia repair - are being postponed, while some people in post-operative recovery are said to be receiving less potent medication than they need.

An Update on Anesthesia

The risk of death for cats under anesthesia used to be one to two deaths in 100 patients, says Lois Wetmore, DVM, an assistant professor of anesthesia and pain management at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Now were down to about one death in 1,000, Dr. Wetmore says. Were headed in the right direction.