Reading cat faces

Who Can Best Read Cats’ Faces? Women

If you see more cat hair around than usual and you’ve been vacuuming and dusting as frequently as always — or if you’re seeing...

Quantity of Life Versus Quality of Life

When to euthanize is a deeply spiritual decision,” says Alicia Karas, DVM. She heads the Tufts Pet Loss Support Hotline (508-839-7966) and therefore knows...
For a very anxious cat, medication, along with behavior modification, may do a world of good to help her reach a calmer state.

For a Super-Anxious Cat, Drugs May Help

Any cat so anxious that she cannot relax or overreacts to stimuli like the presence of visitors or common household noises should be evaluated by a qualified animal behaviorist. A veterinarian board-certified in animal behavior or a certified applied animal behaviorist will offer advice about behavior modification that can help her cope with her fear […]
Brushing your cat’s coat regularly is more than a beauty regimen. It will keep her healthier.

How to Get Your Cat to Age 20

You can’t prevent diseases for which your pet might be genetically primed. But a lot of illnesses are about lifestyle as well as genetics. With that in mind, there’s much you can do to help your feline friend stay healthy and reach her natural lifespan, which could be 20 years or more. Here are seven […]
You should of course get the sense that the staff at your pet’s veterinary office likes cats.

What You Can Do to Make Vet Visits Go More Smoothly

Because cats so often hate going to the veterinarian, getting them there makes people anxious. That anxiety is then picked up by the pet, only making her trepidation worse. It’s important to remain outwardly calm, both while preparing for the trip and also once you’re at the doctor’s office. Seeming calm is easier said than […]
If he balks at using the litter box, it may be the litter that she objects to.

Your Pet’s Litter Preference

Litter frequently scattered on your bathroom floor may be a sign that your cat is not happy with the type of litter you have chosen for him. So might a litter box that frequently goes unused even though your cat does not have a medical condition. If either of these is the case, consider the […]
If your cat’s in pain, she might not be able to do the twisting and bending neccessary for self-grooming.

When a Cat Stops Self-Grooming, Something Is Wrong

Cats are fastidious groomers, which is why their fur looks so sleek and silky. They prize cleanliness. That’s why, if a cat lets herself go and her hair doesn’t look as kempt as usual — you can perhaps see flakes in it — you should get her to the doctor. When a cat stops grooming […]
Cats and fish.

Apps for Cats

You’re trying to get some work done, when who should jump up onto your desk looking for a little attention but your favorite feline? You can absent-mindedly pet him for a second, but what if you took a couple of minutes to really satisfy his itch to engage? You don’t even have to leave your […]

Alternatives to the Misery of an E-Collar

There comes a time in a cat’s life that she may very well leave a veterinary clinic wearing an Elizabethan collar, or E-collar — a hard, plastic lampshade-shaped funnel fitted around her head. Cats are made to wear what people call the “cone of shame” so they don’t bite and scratch or lick and tear […]

The Litter May Be Flushable, But…

Flushable litter is safe for your pipes, but is it safe for marine wildlife? There is evidence that it can be lethal to sea otters and other ocean dwellers because it sometimes contains a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. This organism is not usually killed by sewer treatment and can cause a potentially life-threatening infection in […]
Cat-loving men can get dates, too.

For Guys with Cats: There’s Someone to Love You

First the bad news for single men with cats. When scrolling through photos on dating sites, women find men holding a feline “agreeable and open” but “less masculine, more neurotic,” and most important, “less dateable.” So say the results of a study conducted jointly by researchers at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and […]
Topicals are the most popular form of flea and tick prevention. They’re easy to apply. 

It’s the Dead of Winter. Do You Know Where Your Cat’s Flea and Tick...

One out of every three people reading this sentence does not give their cat flea and tick medicine regularly, according to a study conducted by the Harris Poll. Those owners assume that because their cat doesn’t go outside, their pet doesn’t need it. Or they believe fleas and ticks are a threat just in warm […]