What’s Your Plan for Your Cat in a Weather-Related Emergency?

Almost one in four Americans has now had to evacuate their home due to a disaster or other emergency, according to data just released by the ASPCA. Almost half of those people left at least one pet at home. Forty percent were gone for at least 4 days, with almost 10 percent gone for at […]

Dear Doctor: Cat hates belly rubs

Q. My cat likes to roll over and expose her belly. But when I try to respond by stroking it, she scratches and bites. What am I doing wrong? Leland Morse Brookline, Massachusetts Dear Mr. Morse, A. What you’re doing wrong is trying to stroke your cat’s belly. She is not presenting it to you […]


You may have heard the news that in the last 3 years, cats started more than 100 house fires in the South Korean capital of Seoul. According to the Korea Herald, about half of them occurred while the owners were out. In some cases people were injured. What you may not know is that in […]
If the banana is overripe, he may recoil.

A Second Nose, Kind Of

Cats live in a world of odors of which we are only dimly aware. While the human nose has about 5 million scent-sensitive cells, the feline nose has 200 million — a 40-fold difference. But there’s more. Cats also have an odor detector that is completely absent from our anatomy. Called the vomeronasal organ, or […]

The Clinical Exam You Can Give Yourself

Your cat’s veterinary exams occur only once or twice a year. But you can give your pet physical exams at home to see if there might be a reason she should be brought to the doctor between scheduled appointments. Take these seven steps to assess your cat’s health, many of which are also recommended by […]

Dear Doctor: Feline acne

Q. My cat has developed small black dots on his chin and around his mouth. They don’t seem to be bothering him, but I’m wondering if they’re something I should be concerned about. Can you let me know if I need to take any action? Rosa York New York, NY Dear Ms. York, A. It […]

5 Tips for Better “Toileting”

Have trouble getting your cat to use her “toilet?” See if trying any of these five guidelines will help. 1| Make sure the litter is at least 2 to 4 inches deep. Cats do not like to “go” in anything more shallow. 2| When you wash the litterbox in hot, soapy water once a week, […]
Are picky feline eaters born that way or inadvertently taught by their owners to turn up their noses at food?

Once a Picky Eater, Always a Picky Eater?

Does it sometimes seem like your cat is such a finicky eater that she is taunting you by turning up her nose at what you feed her? Do you worry that she is not getting enough calories to keep up her health? Do you keep switching her food in the hope that you will finally […]

Winter Skin

Does your cat bite or scratch at her skin during the winter months but not at other times of year? Her skin may become dry in the cold weather, just like the skin of people. She might also have allergies that flare in winter or a condition called seborrhea that you didn’t happen to notice […]
How regularly do you do this?

Have You Developed a Scooping Schedule?

You need to clean out your cat’s litterbox frequently enough that he doesn’t find himself a different “bathroom.” What’s frequently enough? For regular poop scooping, twice-a-day surveillance is a better bet than once. If you have multiple cats, you may want to scoop at least three times a day, even if you have one more […]
Cat-loving men can get dates, too.

For Guys with Cats: There’s Someone to Love You

First the bad news for single men with cats. When scrolling through photos on dating sites, women find men holding a feline “agreeable and...
This toy can be your cat’s pal in your absence.

This Friendly Robot Makes a Great Cat Companion

You’ve been asked to stay late at work or want to spend a long day away with your family or friends, but what about the cat? Even if someone comes by to feed her, scoop out her litterbox, and spend a little time with her, she’s still going to be left alone for many hours […]