Finding Oral Tumors Early

If a tumor is near the front of a cat’s mouth, you may see it even before your cat’s next scheduled wellness exam. But if it’s hidden near the back of the oral cavity, it can grow quite large before there are any signs of it, which very often include a foul odor, bleeding, and […]
Sometimes a fractured rib results from disease rather than blunt force trauma.

Undetected Rib Fractures

About half of rib fractures suffered by cats result from the kinds of mishaps you would expect — getting hit by a car, falling from a tree or other high spot, or a tussle with another animal. Diagnosis is pretty straightforward, and supportive care is given to the cat to get him through the pain […]
These days, more veterinarians are asking people to wait in the car while they examine their pets.

Curbside Care on the Uptick

Curbside care for cats — taking your cat from the car and examining her in the office while you wait outside — became more commonplace for veterinary practices during the pandemic. Some vets now feel the practice is working so well for them that they plan to continue it post-COVID, says the American Veterinary Medical […]
A cat may be allowed to eat the evening of the surgery if she was operated on in the morning, but she’ll have to build back up gradually to her usual portion size.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

When I come out of the operating room to tell clients how an operation went, one of the most common questions I get is...

New Treatment for Deadly Cancer

Oral squamous cell carcinoma is the most common oral cancer affecting cats, hitting the gums, tongue, palate, and tonsils. It’s hard to remove all...
Still spry, still beautiful, even with three legs.

Limb Amputation in Cats

One of the last things you want to hear is that your cat needs a limb amputated, either because an accident left it damaged...
If a male cat is straining to urinate, get him to the veterinarian immediately.

No Time to Lose

You know that if your cat starts eating less or keeping to herself more, something might be amiss and you should schedule a doctor’s...
Even a mild heart murmur should be investigated.

How Serious is the Heart Murmur?

Your vet tells you on each wellness visit that he detects a slight heart murmur when he listens to your cat’s heart beat with...
Recipe for grave danger: cat + lily.

A Cat’s Three Major Poison Threats

On average, a cat is brought to the emergency room at Tufts’s Foster Hospital for Small Animals at least every other day as a...

Cancer Warning Signs

One in five cats ends up diagnosed with cancer, often in his geriatric years. Moreover, cancer in cats is three to four times more...

Should Your Cat Need Blood

In human medicine, anyone can receive blood donated by someone who is type O. Type O’s are known as universal donors; people with other...

Gentle Into That Good Night

Your cat’s heart disease has progressed to the point that there are no more medicines to try, no higher dosages to give, no more...