How To Tell When Difficulty Urinating Means Taking Your Cat to the Vet 
“Tomorrow” or “Right Now”


Male cats tend to be the ones who develop obstructions that make it hard to urinate. That’s never a good thing — the cat needs to be seen and treated. But how quickly do you need to act?

If you see your cat managing to release some kind of stream in the litter box, make an appointment to see the vet within 24 hours. During that time, your pet may make frequent trips to the bathroom and may also be meowing in discomfort, but as long as there’s a flow of some sort, he’ll last till the next day.

But if your cat cannot void any urine at all or is just staining or producing a few drops, stop what you are doing and get him in the car. His life may very well be in immediate danger. A cat can die if the toxins in urine build up. 

Once you are at the doctor’s office, the vet will pass a catheter to relieve the obstruction and discuss ways to prevent a recurrence with diet or surgery. 



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