Why You Should Feed Your Young Kitten a Variety of Foods

Sometimes, to treat a medical condition, it’s necessary to change a cat’s diet. Diet changes can be a challenge with cats, however. They develop their food preferences very early on in life and may be reticent to adjust them. That’s why, until a kitten is about four months old, it’s a good idea to feed him a variety of foods — different flavors, shapes, and textures of both dry and wet. That way, if he develops an illness in adulthood that requires he eat food that’s different from what he’s used to, he will be less likely to resist the switch.

The Meaning of “Veterinarian Recommended” on Cat Food

You know those television commercials that have a dentist in a lab coat recommending a particular toothpaste? Well, the marketing ploy has drifted over to products meant for our pets, in a manner of speaking. A number of cat food manufacturers have a burst in large letters on the front of their packages that says the product is “Veterinarian Recommended.”

Yet Another Reason Not to Let Your Cat Become (or Remain) Overweight

Diabetes, orthopedic complications, urinary tract disease, liver problems. These are just some of the illnesses associated with excess weight in a cat.

Should You Be Giving Your Cat Fish Oil

The board-certified veterinary nutritionists at Tufts are commonly asked by clients whether they should be adding fish oil to their cats’ daily food regimens because they’ve heard there are benefits to the oil’s omega-3 fatty aids. The answer: maybe. There are some diseases for which research suggests fish oils can augment treatment.

Why Cats Love Tuna

Like people, cats have taste receptors for sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, and a fifth taste, umami. Their sweet receptors are pretty insensitive (which is why cats aren’t big sugar cravers). But it turns out their receptors for umami — responsible for the savory flavors of foods like meat — are quite sensitive. No surprise, since cats need flesh food to survive.

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A Second Reason Your Cat May Jump onto the Kitchen Counter

Ignore the “best by” date?

Q: I know that if a cat food has passed its expiration date it’s best to throw it out, but what about a “best by” date? That doesn’t seem as bad.

When It’s Okay to Use an Automatic Feeder to Give Your Cat Her Meals...

Pop quiz (a tale of two feeding scenarios):

The Right Diet For Feline Kidney Disease

Three in 10 cats over the age of 10 have chronic kidney disease, and that number rises to as many as eight in 10...

Your Growing Kitten Is Hungry — and Then Not So Much

At 10 weeks of age, your growing kitten might require about 90 calories per pound of body weight each day, says the American Animal...

Potential Changes On Cat Food Labels Should Make Them Easier to Interpret

I t looks like reading nutrition information on cat food labels may get easier. After years of discussion and input from different sources, the Association...

6 Cat Facts That Aren’t

There’s a lot of cat lore out there that people accept as the truth because it gets repeated so often. But frequently, what’s assumed to...