Morsels November 2023

A Second Reason Your Cat May Jump onto the Kitchen Counter

Ignore the “best by” date?

Q: I know that if a cat food has passed its expiration date it’s best to throw it out, but what about a “best by” date? That doesn’t seem as bad.

When It’s Okay to Use an Automatic Feeder to Give Your Cat Her Meals...

Pop quiz (a tale of two feeding scenarios):

The Right Diet For Feline Kidney Disease

Three in 10 cats over the age of 10 have chronic kidney disease, and that number rises to as many as eight in 10 for cats over the age of 15. That makes it one of the most common illnesses to befall our feline pets — and one of their biggest killers. But feeding the right diet can prolong the life of a cat with kidney disease, along with her quality of life.

Your Growing Kitten Is Hungry — and Then Not So Much

At 10 weeks of age, your growing kitten might require about 90 calories per pound of body weight each day, says the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). But by the time he’s 10 months old and almost out of kittenhood, he may need as few as 36 calories per pound of body weight every day. The requirement is going to differ from kitten to kitten, but there’s a point at which your almost-fully-grown cat may need fewer calories than he did as a younger baby.

6 Cat Facts That Aren’t

There’s a lot of cat lore out
there that people accept as the truth because it gets repeated so often. But frequently, what’s assumed to be true about cats isn’t. Here are six examples.

Some Cats With Diabetes Can Stop Taking Insulin

Diabetes is an expensive disease, with insulin injections for some cats easily reaching $100 a month. It’s also a terribly inconvenient one. Shots of...

Healthy Weight Loss Goes Slowly

Your cat weighs 20 pounds and should weigh 15. You put him on a weight-management plan that you worked out with the vet, but...

Should You Choose Food That’s Preservative-Free?

You’re trying to decide between two different brands of canned cat food. The clincher is that one is advertised online as preservative-free, so you...

Why That Statement of Nutritional Adequacy is So Important

Several months ago a Siberian kitten was brought to the Emergency and Critical Care Unit of Tufts’s small animal hospital. It was meowing from...

More Cats Now Prone to Painful Tooth Complication

A frequently painful condition in cats called tooth resorption has become much more common over the last 50 years, affecting anywhere from 20 to...