When Choosing Cat Food, Don’t Fall Prey to Premiumization

Pound for pound, cat food is typically more expensive than dog food because it tends to contain higher amounts of protein and fat — ingredients that cost more. Fortunately, because cats are often much smaller than dogs, the added expense on a per-pound basis shouldn’t translate to undue strain on your pet food budget. In […]

Freeze-Dried Cat Food: Think Twice

Freeze-dried treats for cats have a nice long shelf life because the moisture has been removed from them. Some cat kibble is also coated with freeze-dried food in powdered form. We think you should stay away from it. Freeze-dried foods are raw. Removing the liquid content from food by subjecting it to very cold temperatures […]

Fruits and Vegetables for Your Carnivorous Cat?

Cats do not need fruits and vegetables in their diets. In fact, because they are obligate carnivores, some of the nutrients they require can only be found naturally in animal-based foods like beef, poultry, or fish. But just like people, they may enjoy a little nosh here and there that doesn’t satisfy nutritional requirements yet […]

Dear Doctor: New diet not agreeing with cat

Q. We needed to switch our cat to a different diet to help manage her heart disease, but I can see after only a couple of days that it’s making her sick. Her stomach is gurgling, and she has diarrhea. How are we supposed to slow the course of her disease with food when the […]

Which Is Better For Your Cat, Dry Food Or Wet?

Have you been feeding your cat dry food but wondering if she would be healthier with wet? Maybe you’ve stayed away from wet food because it’s much more expensive and requires more trips to the store to buy a bunch of small cans, pouches, or plastic trays rather than one big bag. You also have […]
Are picky feline eaters born that way or inadvertently taught by their owners to turn up their noses at food?

Once a Picky Eater, Always a Picky Eater?

Does it sometimes seem like your cat is such a finicky eater that she is taunting you by turning up her nose at what you feed her? Do you worry that she is not getting enough calories to keep up her health? Do you keep switching her food in the hope that you will finally […]
A voracious appetite in a cat can be psychological or physiological.

Dear Doctor: New cat’s insatiable appetite

Q. After a number of months, we have taken in a feral cat who finally seemed to want to live “on the inside.” We are glad for that but are surprised at how ravenous he always seems to be. He scarfs down his food and never refuses a treat. Having had and observed cats for […]
“I would have preferred fish.”

So You Want to Make Your Cat’s Meals Yourself

Following are just a few of the erroneous statements found online to try to scare people into thinking that commercially prepared cat food is...
Yes, but is the amount of kibble in the scooper correct?

Measure Food By Weight, Not Volume

Do you weigh your cat’s food before feeding it or measure it out in a cup or serving scoop? If you’re like most people,...
TRIXIE Fun Board

Feeding By Food Puzzle

You do your best to make sure your cat is pampered and enjoying the good life. But you may be overlooking her innate prey...
A cat-sized water fountain may be just the thing.

When Your Cat Needs to Drink More Water — But Won’t

Most of the time you don’t need to worry about whether your cat is drinking enough water. Setting out a bowl for her is...
They may put up with this, but they’d probably rather eat away from each other.

Is the more expensive food the better one?

Q. I always feel a little guilty for feeding my cat plain old kibble from the supermarket. Some of my friends buy much more...