How to Read Cat Food Labels

Interpreting cat food labels can be a challenge, but in the end it comes down to common sense and this surprising advice: Dont focus too much on ingredients, says Lisa Freeman, DVM, PhD, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Appetite Stimulants for Cats

As a feline practitioner, I frequently hear the word finicky to describe the state of a cats appetite. The word was popularized in the 1970s by Morris, who was marketed as the worlds most finicky cat - deigning to eat 9Lives only. And the word finicky has been firmly rooted in our vernacular ever since.

Feline Feeding Challenges Solved

In a multi-cat household, it can be difficult to feed different foods to different cats. Feeding the proper food to the right cat is especially important when one or more have medical problems. Age also plays a role. Kittens require energy-rich food to develop healthy bones and muscle. Overweight cats need nutrient-dense formulas with fewer calories. Underweight cats need more calories...

Therapeutic Diets for Cats

In my feline-only veterinary practice, not a single day goes by without a client asking me: What is the best diet for my healthy cat? These days, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to answer this (seemingly) simple question. Many people feel that cats should be fed canned food only, and that dry food is extremely unhealthy.

Dear Doctor – Expired Pet Food

Expiration dates on pet food QI recently bought several large bags of a high-quality cat food on sale at our local pet store. Unfortunately, I just realized that the best by date has been passed by a couple of months on two of the bags (the third bags date is okay). …