Hold the Onions

Onions, as well as garlic and chives, can do more than cause a cat gastrointestinal irritation. They can damage red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all the body’s tissues. Keep them out of your cat’s diet, even as a minor ingredient. (For instance, don’t let your cat lick your plate of spaghetti sauce, which […]
Don’t let fancy-sounding (and expensive) ingredients drive your purchasing decision.

Five Common Nutrition Mistakes We Make For Our Cats

We all want to feed our cats as nutritiously as possible, but many owners’ earnest efforts are misguided. Even with the best of intentions, they end up choosing their cat’s diet on faulty assumptions. Here are five common mistakes loving cat guardians make — and how to correct them. Mistake # 1. Choosing food by […]

When Two (Or More) Pets Require Different Diets

One of your cats has heart disease and needs a low-sodium diet. The other is overweight and requires less food than the one with the compromised heart — but she is aggressive about food and will do whatever she can to get it. How do you keep them away from each other’s meals when their […]

Dry Food or Wet for Better Health?

People often want to know whether they should be feeding their cat wet food instead of dry or vice versa. For cats with lower urinary tract problems, including bladder stones or cystitis, wet food makes a better choice. Its higher moisture content keeps urine dilute and thereby helps treat the condition. It has been shown […]
Two cats will eat together if they have to, but they most certainly would prefer to dine alone.

How Many Times a Day Should You Feed Your Cat?

Conduct an online search for how often a cat should be fed, and it will yield a surprising array of answers. While most sites...

Cat Nutrition Slipping

More people are feeding their pets homemade diets today than a decade ago even though homemade meal plans for cats are often rife with...
cat food recipe

Yes, But Are You Following the Recipe?

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable feeding your cat a diet you cooked up yourself rather than one you bought at the store. But...

Kittens Fed Poor Diets May Be More Likely to Suffer GI Problems As Adult...

  Kittens fed sub-optimal diets that do not meet the recommendations of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association ( are more likely to be taken...

Decoding the Guaranteed Analysis on Cat Food Labels

Every cat food label contains a Guaranteed Analysis, a series of nutrient values listed as percentages or “milligrams per kilogram” with no instructions explaining...
cat food

Why It’s Important to Switch to a New Food Gradually

Our cat has to go on a weight management diet, or a prescribed diet to cut down on the risk for kidney stones, or...

A Labeling Loophole That Allows Foods to Sound More Healthful Than They Are

Only a couple of health claims are allowed on cat food labels, including one for urinary health and one for hairballs. All other health...

Safer to Buy the Cat Food Than Prepare It Yourself

Of 114 recipes for homemade cat food found on the Internet and in books, 40 percent did not provide any feeding instructions whatsoever (including how much to give), say researchers reporting in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.