Two cats will eat together if they have to, but they most certainly would prefer to dine alone.

How Many Times a Day Should You Feed Your Cat?

Conduct an online search for how often a cat should be fed, and it will yield a surprising array of answers. While most sites...

Cat Nutrition Slipping

More people are feeding their pets homemade diets today than a decade ago even though homemade meal plans for cats are often rife with...
cat food recipe

Yes, But Are You Following the Recipe?

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable feeding your cat a diet you cooked up yourself rather than one you bought at the store. But...

Kittens Fed Poor Diets May Be More Likely to Suffer GI Problems As Adult...

  Kittens fed sub-optimal diets that do not meet the recommendations of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association ( are more likely to be taken...

Decoding the Guaranteed Analysis on Cat Food Labels

Every cat food label contains a Guaranteed Analysis, a series of nutrient values listed as percentages or “milligrams per kilogram” with no instructions explaining...
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Why It’s Important to Switch to a New Food Gradually

Our cat has to go on a weight management diet, or a prescribed diet to cut down on the risk for kidney stones, or...

A Labeling Loophole That Allows Foods to Sound More Healthful Than They Are

Only a couple of health claims are allowed on cat food labels, including one for urinary health and one for hairballs. All other health...

Safer to Buy the Cat Food Than Prepare It Yourself

Of 114 recipes for homemade cat food found on the Internet and in books, 40 percent did not provide any feeding instructions whatsoever (including how much to give), say researchers reporting in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

When Your Cats Insistence on Being Fed Ruins Your Day

Dogs might desperately plead with their owners for food, but cats tend to insist on it. And they insist often. Just google cats beg for food, and multiple entries will come up.

Tips for Giving a Proper Diet History to the Vet

Health most definitely can be affected by a cats diet - in very important ways. For instance, the veterinary nutritionists at the Tufts Cummings Clinical Nutrition Service have seen:

Indoor Plants to Please Your Cats Palate

Stuck indoors all day, cats are often looking for things to do. And one of them is to nibble on your plants. Why not cultivate some house plants that your cat will enjoy without you having to worry about toxicity? A few might even do double duty as garnishes on your own foods or as seasonings in sauces or soups. And in some cases, plants that can be grown indoors might even provide a health benefit for your feline pet.

Yes, Your Overweight Cat Needs Very Small Portions to Trim Down

You might think what bothers cat owners when the vet puts their pet on a weight-management plan is the slow rate of weight loss the doctor sometimes recommends. Indeed, cats who should be thinner for their health can lose weight at a very modest rate - from only 0.5 up to a more aggressive 2 percent of body weight per week. For a 20-pound cat who should lose 5 pounds, that means an eating regimen that could result in as little as one tenth of a pound a week.