A Health Ally: Therapy Cats

Therapy cats are now appearing in greater numbers at hospitals and senior care facilities. Some cats are brought to the facilities in planned visits, while others permanently reside there. And their presence is now demonstrating that their therapeutic value outweighs any outdated concerns about health risks to patients.

Therapy Pet Resources

To learn more about involving cats and other pets in therapy programs at hospitals, schools and other places, check out these organizations:

Picking the right music to soothe the savage beast

According to a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, cats may ignore human music - but they are highly responsive to music that is written especially for them.

And Heres …. Tony!

Like most of us, I have a serious love for kittens. Ive resisted the idea of adopting one because I know that two would be better - and easier, in some ways - but I strongly resist becoming a four-cat household at present.

The Wonderful World of Cat Shows

Are you thinking about entering your cat in a show, but not quite sure how to begin? Joan Miller - CFA All Breed Judge Emeritus, Chair of the CFA Outreach and Education Committee, CFA Board Member and former breeder of CFA National Award winning Abyssinian cats for 20 years - offers some advice. The first thing to do is to visit a local cat show as a spectator, suggests Miller. This gives you the opportunity to view a wide variety of different breeds, to watch the judging and to talk with some exhibitors. This is an excellent way to get familiar with what a cat show is really all about.

A True Milestone

Anyone who has ever been involved in animal rescue knows that, in a perfect world, we would wake up each morning and have the...

Short Takes

Coffee with Extra Milk, Please? A number of lucky shelter cats will soon be sharing afternoon tea with Londoners needy of feline affection. Lauren Pears - a video game executive originally from Brisbane - plans to open Britains first cat cafe this spring after raising more than $161,570 (109,000) through a fund-raising website. …