Therapy Pet Resources

To learn more about involving cats and other pets in therapy programs at hospitals, schools and other places, check out these organizations:

Picking the right music to soothe the savage beast

According to a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, cats may ignore human music - but they are highly responsive to music that is written especially for them.

And Heres …. Tony!

Like most of us, I have a serious love for kittens. Ive resisted the idea of adopting one because I know that two would be better - and easier, in some ways - but I strongly resist becoming a four-cat household at present.

The Wonderful World of Cat Shows

Are you thinking about entering your cat in a show, but not quite sure how to begin? Joan Miller - CFA All Breed Judge Emeritus, Chair of the CFA Outreach and Education Committee, CFA Board Member and former breeder of CFA National Award winning Abyssinian cats for 20 years - offers some advice. The first thing to do is to visit a local cat show as a spectator, suggests Miller. This gives you the opportunity to view a wide variety of different breeds, to watch the judging and to talk with some exhibitors. This is an excellent way to get familiar with what a cat show is really all about.

A True Milestone

Anyone who has ever been involved in animal rescue knows that, in a perfect world, we would wake up each morning and have the...

Short Takes

Coffee with Extra Milk, Please? A number of lucky shelter cats will soon be sharing afternoon tea with Londoners needy of feline affection. Lauren Pears - a video game executive originally from Brisbane - plans to open Britains first cat cafe this spring after raising more than $161,570 (109,000) through a fund-raising website. …