A True Milestone

A Siamese rescue group quintet reaches an impressive number in helping cats in need.


Anyone who has ever been involved in animal rescue knows that, in a perfect world, we would wake up each morning and have the resources and ability to help each and every needy animal that crosses our path. (Then again, in a perfect world, no animal would ever be at the mercy of abuse, hunger or homelessness.)

Instead, we try to stay focused on aiding one animal at a time, knowing that each individual effort will eventually add up to doing a whole lot of good for the four-legged kind we all cherish.

So, with that thought in mind, Catnip wants to extend a hearty round of applause to the Southern California Siamese Rescue and its four sister organizations who recently celebrated a huge milestone: the rescue of their 20,000th Siamese cat.

The other four Siamese rescue groups are Texas Siamese Rescue, Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue, Pacific Siamese Rescue and the Siamese Cat Rescue Center.

Obviously, this nationwide effort to rescue Siamese before they are euthanized at shelters requires plenty of resources. Please consider supporting one of these five Siamese rescue groups, or even a local shelter in your own community. Remember: Every little bit of help counts, and each rescued or adopted cat on his or her way to the next big milestone number of rescued cats will surely be thankful.

To learn more about Siamese rescue, you can visit the website of the Southern California Siamese Rescue — located in Agoura Hills, CA — at cs.siameserescue.org/.

Elizabeth Vecsi, Executive Editor


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