Smart Ways to Look for Your Lost Cat


If your cat has been absent from your home for 24 hours, it’s time to take action. To recover a missing cat, experts recommend these steps:

Conduct a thorough search for the animal that covers every obscure area — high and low — within 500 feet of your home. Keep in mind that a curious indoor cat who suddenly finds himself in unfamiliar outdoor surroundings may be terrified and will do everything possible to keep himself concealed. This fear may keep him from coming to you when you call his name (even if he does so inside the home).

Go door to door in your area, alerting neighbors that the cat ismissing. Have several current photographs of the animal on hand. Current photos will be more effective than a verbal description.

Place notices in your local post office, library, schools and so forth that describe the lost cat and provide necessary information on how you can be contacted if he is found.

Ask personnel at nearby animal shelters and humane organizations whether any cat fitting the description of your missing cat has turned up. Here’s where current photos will also come in handy.

If possible, have evidence on hand that can serve as proof that you are indeed the owner of a cat that has been found.


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