Safety Tips for Spring

Allowing our cats to enjoy the great outdoors requires extra vigilance on our part.


Luckily, we experienced a relatively mild winter here in the Northeast. And as the weather stays more temperate with each passing day, it’s so nice to throw open the windows, do a little Spring cleaning and simply daydream about the gardening that can get underway in another month or so.

The only one who isn’t too happy right now is my cat, Tony. The open windows and screens are major temptations for him and his decided nature toward wanderlust. We do take walks several times a week (he is very good on a leash), and last summer, I purchased a portable enclosure that I can set up in the backyard for a few hours a day when I plan to be gardening and close by. I have seen what can happen if he pounces too hard after a fleeting insect or if the wind picks up especially strong, and so I won’t leave him unsupervised for more than a few minutes at a time!

So our article on catios really got me thinking (page 7 of this issue). Part of the appeal is the sturdy, more permanent nature of these amazing creations. I don’t think I would go so far as to build a cat addition onto my Victorian house, but there definitely is room in the garden for something stand-alone and cat-specific. And just maybe by the end of the summer, I will have my own example to share with you.

It also got me thinking more about the importance of flea control (see related article on page 5 of this issue). My other cats have no desire to go outside, but Tony’s meanderings through the garden make all of us susceptible to a variety of things. (Good thing, too, that I finally know exactly where the poison ivy is located!) I plan to talk to my veterinarian this week about the best strategy to keep him — and the others — flea-free in the coming months.


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