Why Mess With Perfection?

We all know that cats are amazing creatures, and apparently their DNA agrees.


Cat sleeping

© Linda Williams | Dreamstime.com

A recent study relating to feline genes suggests that they’ve remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, and that they actually domesticated themselves.

Does this surprise you? I really, really love living with cats. I appreciate the air of independence coupled with their often high levels of neediness and affection. I like that they try really hard to live in a world that is more “ours” than theirs, especially for the indoor-only pets. I like taking care of them and protecting them from the difficult elements of the world.

And that’s why this issue is especially important. When you first adopted your kitten from the local shelter, she probably came spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, right?

Did you realize that unless her microchip number is registered that it isn’t …. registered? Yes, that’s right. So please, before you do another thing today, check your microchip records and see that the number is in fact registered, that the contact information is up to date and that you read our article on page 3 of this issue to understand exactly how these important things can so easily fall through the cracks no matter how much you care.

And did you know there are seven major behavior signs that are tip-offs that something may be amiss with your cat’s health? As their human guardians, we are often the fastest road to an early and prompt diagnosis, so if you suspect something seems a little bit “off” with your pet, it’s probably not your imagination. It’s your intuition — and you should always act on it. Your cat will thank you for it!


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