January 2015 – Full Issue PDF

January 2015 - Full Issue PDF

A reader asks: Do cats show a preference for using one paw over...

A left-handed cat? Q I have a 15-year-old Blue Point Siamese neutered male. After lots of experience and observation, I do believe that he is left-handed. Do cats - like people - usually have a dominant hand (paw)?Both his breeder and first owner are left-handed people. Did he learn by observing them?

Pet Dental Health Month

Its a cat-care routine that youve read about in these pages, and probably considered starting in the future more than a time or two. Brushing your cats teeth is important. Why not start now? Consider that more than 70 percent of cats show some sign of periodontal disease by age three!

A Welcome to Spring!

After a long, snowy and very cold winter in the Hudson Valley of New York, I truly cant wait to get outside and start working in the garden.

Why Does My Cat Stick His Tongue Out?

As a feline practitioner, I have heard many stories and have seen my share of cats who, during the normal course of their day, happen to sit around with their tongues sticking out a little. In most cases, there is nothing to be concerned about. It is simply the cats own personal quirk, and it is actually kind of endearing.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, well over 86 million cats currently live in U.S. homes. Two-thirds of them, the organization estimates, are indoor-only feline companions - their owners keep them confined within the home at all times. The remaining one-third are so-called indoor-outdoor cats -they are free to trot in and out of their owners houses as the mood strikes them.

When to use supplements; a cat whose bed is now the litter box; treatment...

Letters to Tufts Veterinarians - Feeding a probiotic; Senior cat stops using litter box; A cat with puffy eyelids