Ask the Doctor

Dear Doctor: For most reliable advice, .com, .org, or .edu?

Q. If I’m looking for information about how to care for my pet on the Internet, it’s better to go with a website that...
Cat with blood clot

Dear Doctor: Throwing a clot

Q. My veterinarian said my cat has heart disease and has to take a blood thinner so he doesn’t throw a clot. What does...

Dear Doctor: Readying a cat for the new arrival

I am about to have a baby and wonder how that will affect my 6-year-old cat. My husband and I have had her since she was a kitten. Anything I should know or do in advance?

Dear Doctor: Pushing back on the diagnosis

My beloved cat, Tigger, has died of cancer at the age of 19, and his death has left me feeling somewhat guilty. He enjoyed going outdoors, and I would follow him around the yard to make sure he was okay.

Dear Doctor: Cat Scratch Fever

My cat scratched me on my arm, and a few days later I developed a bump there. But then I went on to develop a fever and also felt very tired. I went to the doctor, who said I had cat scratch fever and that it would resolve on its own. Does that sound right?

Dear Doctor: Bringing a Deaf Cat into your Life

I have fallen in love with a shelter cat that is deaf and would like to adopt it. Should I have any concerns?

Dear Doctor: Unable to Afford the Surgery

My cat needs a $3,000 operation, and I dont have the cash or that much credit available on my credit card. I should have bought pet health insurance, but obviously Im not going to be able to get it now, after the need for a surgery has been found. Do I have any options whatsoever?

Dear Doctor: Worried about the effects of chemotherapy

My cat has been diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma, and the veterinarian says he will need chemotherapy. Ive seen my father go through chemo, and it was no picnic. Im worried about putting my cat through this. Will it really help?

Dear Doctor: Name Game

Do cats know their own names? It seems like sometimes my cat recognizes her name - shell turn her head slightly or look at me when I call out to her. But other times, saying her name makes no difference. She acts like Im not in the room.

Dear Doctor: Catnip Concerns

Is it really okay to give your cat catnip? My husband and I are teetotalers and also would never smoke marijuana, so Im wondering if its okay to make my cat high. He does seem to like it and I dont want to take away something he enjoys, but am I inadvertently turning him into a drug addict, with attendant harmful effects? Also, is it just plain wrong?

Dear Doctor: Dandruff flakes

My cat has always been a fastidious groomer but has developed dandruff. Are the flakes something I should be concerned about?

Dear Doctor: Cat eyes

I think one of the things that makes cats so attractive is their large eyes. But are they really large, or do they just seem that way because of their relatively small heads?