How does she know I’m pregnant?


Q: I am just entering my second trimester of pregnancy and not showing yet, but I’m sure my cat knows. How can that be?

Tamsin Nasberg
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Ms. Nasberg,

A: Your cat does not know you’re pregnant, although she might very well know that something is different. Cats are acutely sensitive to changes in their environment and routine, and there are likely many subtle and not-so-subtle changes as you prepare for the baby’s arrival, including changes in mood. Although it is unclear whether cats are influenced by our mood changes, changes in mood frequently cause changes in our behavior, and that could certainly have an impact on your kitty.

Consider, too, that during pregnancy, even early in pregnancy, a woman’s hormone levels shift dramatically. Some believe these hor-mone-related changes, which may alter a person’s scent, can be perceived by our feline companions.


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