Photographing a black cat


Q: A lot of times, photos of my black cat come out looking like two eyes and nothing else. Is there any way to get a better picture?

Cameron Merta
Ames, Iowa

Dear Mr. Merta,

A: Yes, there are a number of things to enhance the photo quality of a black pet.

  • Turn on the flash. Your phone has one for taking pictures, and it will help bring out the details in her face. Many people don’t think to use that valuable feature indoors.
  • Keep the background uncluttered. The more distractions, the less the cat herself will stand out.
  • Try filling the frame with just the cat’s head. You might really get something extraordinary.
  • Shoot as many frames as possible as quickly as possible. Your cat will not hold a pose for you, particularly if you keep pointing “that thing” at her.

These tips will help capture a cat of any color, but you will find them particularly helpful for grabbing a good shot of a black one.


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