Dry Food or Wet for Better Health?


People often want to know whether they should be feeding their cat wet food instead of dry or vice versa. For cats with lower urinary tract problems, including bladder stones or cystitis, wet food makes a better choice. Its higher moisture content keeps urine dilute and thereby helps treat the condition. It has been shown that cats who eat wet food take in more water than those who eat dry food. Eaters of dry food don’t make up the difference with the amount of water they drink.

On the other hand, dry food is a little better for dental hygiene — although not nearly as important as brushing your cat’s teeth regularly.

Bottom line: Unless your cat needs to be taking in more fluid, your choice doesn’t have to be driven by concerns about health. Go with your preference.


  1. This is the 4th website I have been to researching portion control in Diabetic cats. I am diabetic, I have taken diabetic classes which included information on chemcial content of food and portion size. I understand the Protein, fat, carb, fiber what I need to know is how much wet food as a serving for my diabetic cat.


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