Tips for keeping your cat calm at the veterinary clinic


[From Tufts February 2011 Issue]

Make your next trip to your veterinarian less stressful for your cat —
and you — by following these tips:
■■ Build up a positive association with the pet carrier by keeping it
open in your home and tossing in treats or a small toy for your cat
to retrieve.
■■ Cover the carrier’s floor with a towel to encourage your cat to take
naps in the carrier.
■■ Select a pet carrier that enables you to easily detach the top to
remove the cat in the exam room.
■■ Choose clinics that treat only cats, or that provide separate lobbies
for dogs and cats, or that allow you to bring your cat directly
into an exam room upon arrival.
■■ Place a towel over the carrier housing the cat to block out visual distractions
during the trip and in the clinic lobby.
■■ Place the towel on the exam table so your cat doesn’t have to
feel the cold steel surface.
■■ Bring small, healthy treats or a feather wand toy to distract
your cat when he is being examined.
— By Arden Moore


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