The Cat’s Backyard

Excerpt from My Fat Cat by Martha Garvey


Probably the best way to have your cat experience the outside world is to let him experience it in an enclosed porch. But what if you don’t have a porch? What if all you have is a backyard? The first rule to letting your cat play outside in your backyard is this: Get a cat-secure fence.

That means secure FOR your cat, and secure AGAINST anything that might want to attack your cat. In order to do that, it’s important to do two things:

  1. Think like a cat.
  2. And then: think like something or someone who might want to hurt your cat.

You may think of your cat as mighty hunter, but other predatory animals, particularly in rural environments, will see your cat as a tasty treat.

You may let your cat loll around in a fenced-in yard, but make sure that the bottom edge of the fence doesn’t allow for your nimble cat (or something else) to slither beneath it. The top part of the fence looks like the top of a maximum security prison to you – but does it look that way to your cat?

And how well does the fenced-in area protect your cat against the elements – not just rain or snow, but any winds that might blow something sharp into your cat’s turf?

If you decide against a permanent fence, take heart. Pet supply companies now offer collapsible metal-and-mesh enclosures that allow you to give your cat a taste of the outdoors, while requiring no major yard renovation.

For more ideas to keep your cat active and safe, purchase My Fat Cat from Catnip.


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