Cat Litter box considerations


[From Tufts March 2011 Issue]

Cats do have preferences when it comes to the size, shape and design of litter boxes. The number of cats in the home as well as the age, mobility and health condition of the cats also influence litter box use. Some advice:

– Most cats prefer open boxes to covered ones. Remove the hood if a house soiling problem develops.

– Select the right size for your cat. The litter box should measure about 1 times a cat’s body length to provide room to turn around in the box.

– Electronic boxes should be turned to the “cat-activated” cycle — and not set at specific times convenient to you. The self-cleaning mechanism should only engage after the cat has left the litter box.

– Provide one litter box for every cat in the house plus one. Place them throughout the house rather than in one area.

– Elderly cats or ones with arthritis might not physically be able to get into and out of a box with high sides, and will more easily use a box with low sides.

By Dusty Rainbolt


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