Apps for Cats

Free choices for a bit of screen time fun.


You’re trying to get some work done, when who should jump up onto your desk looking for a little attention but your favorite feline? You can absent-mindedly pet him for a second, but what if you took a couple of minutes to really satisfy his itch to engage?

You don’t even have to leave your work station. Simply click on an app designed just for cats and give your pet a couple of minutes of satisfying together time.

Scampering mice, shimmering fish, and bouncing lasers are just a few of the moving images that make their way across the screen, with some appearing to have left the screen and perhaps be hiding under the tablet.

None of the apps is going to keep your cat’s attention for more than a couple of minutes (anecdotally, younger cats seem more interested than older ones). But that’s fine because you have to get back to work, anyway. In the meantime, they’ll provide some enrichment and bonding time without you even having to leave your seat.

Here are a few free apps that have received favorable reviews and are available for both android and iPhones (although tablet screens laid flat work best). For 99 cents, you can find games that get a little more elaborate.

Note: Glass appears to be safe from your kitty’s paws, but plastic screen protectors may end up with scratches on them.

Friskies Catfishing 2

Fish swim about, and each swipe at the screen brings a satisfying water sound. Music accompanied by gently circulating water plays throughout. You can adjust the size, color, and speed of the fish as they appear. A score is kept of your cat’s progress (more for your benefit than his).

If your cat enjoys Friskies Catfishing 2, he might also like Jitterbug, an insect-based equivalent. Vibrant, fluorescent bugs crawl about a black screen, dispersing in colorful stars when tapped.

Mouse for Cats by Petr Vanek

Colorful mice at first appear singly. Then more emerge, each mouse making squeaky noises when tapped. The game has 11 levels, with the next level reached after 100 successful hits. (You may have to help your pet along.)

Mouse in Cheese by Petr Vanek

Colorful 3D mice pop in and out of holes in a round of cheese. Realistic sounding squeaks reward each “catch,” and the game speeds up with each round.


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