New Medicine to Extend Life for Cats with Kidney Disease


Cats with chronic kidney disease often succumb in part because they lose their appetites and can’t keep up their weight. The nausea, vomiting, and general malaise the illness brings on get the better of them. But the Food and Drug Administration has just approved an appetite stimulant specifically aimed at helping to stem weight loss in cats with kidney disease.

Called Elura, it was tested in an 8-week study. Over that time period, cats administered the drug gained weight. Cats who were not given the drug lost weight.

Elura is delivered in solution. It comes with an oral dosing syringe — and it comes not a moment too soon. Chronic kidney disease is three times as common in cats as dogs. It usually hits in the geriatric years.


  1. I have a cat that is precious to me along with my other cats. Tilly has a problem with if you put a flea collar around her nick she breaks out with sores. I have tried all different brands and the same thing. We are right now trying to get over the last flea collar she had on. What should I do.

  2. I was told by a vet to not ever use flea collars as the flea has to bite the cat before it works. I never used them and your cat is obviously allergic to them. There are monthly treatments one can buy at a vet or petco that one squeezes onto the scruff of the neck that work very well. Call the vet office to get the names.


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