Litter Box Don’ts


If you want your cat to maintain good litter box habits, here are a few things not to do.

  • Don’t put the litter box in a high-traffic area. Cats, like people, prefer a little privacy when they are going to the “bathroom.” They may not want the litter box as far away as the basement or the attic, but they may also not want it in a busy hallway that has to be passed through to reach other rooms of the house.
  • Don’t subject your cat to a single litter box. The rule for how many litter boxes you should have is the number of cats in your home plus one. If your pet is having accidents or intentionally not using either litter box yet nothing is wrong medically, try putting the two litter boxes side by side. Some cats like to choose one for urination and one for defecation.
  • Don’t place the litter box on a soft towel that he has to step on to reach the box itself. He might think the towel is the comfy place he’s supposed to eliminate.


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