Its All In the Cat’s Personality

What do the subtle (or not-so-subtle) personality differences signify in the cats we love?


I love my three cats a lot. And before this group, I loved those cats a lot, too. All of my cats are — and have always been — the smartest, the funniest, the most loving, the most handsome, the most athletic … and the list goes on.

And I am guessing you have those exact same perfect cats living in your home and your heart, as well! I guess it simply is impossible to remain completely unbiased and objective about the dear animals that share our lives.

But if I am really honest, it is true that I will seek out the extremely loveable Rocky if it’s affection I need; I will have a more rollicking good time with younger Tony, who never tires of serious playing; and for contemplative moments, my very reserved Puja is the best companion for that.

So it is true that they each possess very different — and specific — personality traits. The same goes for us human beings, as well. That is probably why we bond with certain people more easily than with others, and why some of our close friendships become an extension of family. Just like our cats.

Researchers in Australia recently put together a study of nearly 3,000 cats, whose owners submitted an extensive personality test on behalf of their pet(s). The results showed the many differences in the personalities of domesticated cats — and also the ways in which we are strikingly similar to our cats. The best news is that cats living indoors are not markedly different from those with the freedom of the great outdoors — without all the risks to their health and safety.

The best part is that there is a link to a feline personality test you can take at home. Happy testing!

Elizabeth Vecsi
Executive Editor


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