If My Cat Lives Indoors, Why Does She Need a Rabies Shot?

The reasons inoculation against rabies is advised even for house cats.


Although it might seem like dogs are more prone than cats to contract rabies since they go outside, four times as many pet cats are reported to get rabies each year as pet dogs. How could that happen, since house cats aren’t allowed out?

Usually it’s because a rabid animal such as a bat or raccoon makes its way into the house. A scuffle ensues, and the cat ends up bitten or scratched and thereby exposed to the disease-carrying saliva of the “intruder.” Other times it’s because a cat dashes out an open door or window.

However it happens, the results are dire. There’s no treatment for rabies (and no series of shots that can be administered to a cat after being bitten, the way there is for people). The cat dies within weeks.

The rabies shot is considered a core vaccine for cats. Don’t skip it.


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