How to Register Your Cats Microchip


The easiest way to get your cat microchipped is to take him to your vet. You can then contact the registry company to sign up online.

  • You can also look up a microchip registry online, and find either a local vet or a pet supply store that provides microchipping.
  • One popular microchip registry is Home Again ( Home Again makes their own microchip but allows you to register any microchip with their registry. The cost is $17.95 per year.
  • Avid (, another large microchip registry, charges a one-time fee of $19.95 to maintain your microchip number with your contact information in its PETrac system.
  • Some pet stores, such as Petco and Petland Discounts, have microchipping services. You can find out these at These stores use Home Again.
  • Free Pet Chip Registry ( allows you to register any microchip number from any source — for free.
  • Found a lost cat and gotten it scanned? You can look up any microchip number at a free site maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association: Pet Microchip Lookup (


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