Feline Lymph Nodes


Inflammation and enlargement of the lymph nodes is a common finding in companion animals. Infection is a common cause of lymph node enlargement. Cancer is also a common reason for lymph node enlargement. Below are the names and locations of the more common feline lymph nodes.

Submandibular — just below the mandible (lower jaw)

Retropharyngeal — in the back of the throat

Cervical — in the neck, along the trachea

Axillary — in the armpit

Sternal — inside the chest along the sternum (breastbone)

Tracheobronchial — associated with the bronchi (airways) in the lungs

Sublumbar — above the colon, just below the spine

Inguinal — in the groin area

Popliteal — along the back of the thigh

Epigastric — adjacent to the stomach

Mesenteric — in the abdomen, associated with the intestines


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