Why Cats Enjoy Hanging Out In Sinks


Sinks are a favorite spot to hang out for many cats. One reason may be that the cold, hard porcelain or ceramic basin of a sink cools them off after they’ve been sunning in a window or resting near a radiator. They may also enjoy their bodies being “cradled” by the sink’s roundedness; having most of their body touched is reminiscent of what a kitten experiences when her body is surrounded and touched by her huddling littermates. Then, too, cats like being up high, and sinks are always off the ground.

Whatever the reason, there’s no harm in it — unless, of course, you want to brush your teeth or wash your hands. To solve the problem, your cat suggests you try the sink in the kitchen, which she’s less apt to call dibs on because you’re always putting dishes in there.


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