Cat Body, Cat Mind (Tip#2) Fur Balls and Vomiting

Excerpt from Cat Body, Cat Mind by Dr. Michael W. Fox


During the course of regular grooming, cats swallow some of their fur and it is natural for them to later regurgitate small “sausage rolls” of hair, often accompanied by loud and disturbing sounds of gagging, retching, and coughing. This should be no cause of alarm. Many cats simply void the fur in their stools. Cats who frequently vomit up fur balls benefit from a daily grooming and a few drops of fish oil or a teaspoon of olive oil or safflower oil and a tablespoon of chopped wheat grass every day mixed into their food. Any cat who keeps trying to vomit without success, or refuses to eat, or vomits food soon after eating, should see a veterinarian at once. The cat may have a food allergy, or an excessive accumulations of swallowed fur in the stomach or blocking up the intestines.

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