Important Things to Keep in Mind


“Not many owners that I’ve met,” says Dr. Cailin Heinze, “have been successful at getting their adult cats to eat a homemade diet. Cats develop very fixed food texture preferences early in life, and it can be hard to transition them to different types of food later on.” In any case, she urges those who are interested in making the attempt to observe the following bits of advice:

– Use only a recipe that has been given to you by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Do not use recipes that you’ve discovered on the Internet or in a book or magazine without veterinary input.

– Follow the recipe exactly, weighing the various components in grams, and do not substitute one ingredient for another.

– Take the cat to your veterinarian twice a year for bloodwork and a thorough physical exam.

– Have your veterinary nutritionist reassess the diet annually.


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