Scruffing: It Backfires


Scruffing — firmly grasping the loose skin of a cat’s back between the shoulder blades — is sometimes used as a way to hold and move an ornery feline. It shuts down her ability to fight you. But it’s a terrible way to hold a cat, and not just because an adult cat is too big to be safely supported by her neck.

Scruffing is counterproductive because it tends to make a cat try to fight back even more aggressively. And it certainly hurts the cat-person bond.

If you need to move a cat — say, for her own safety — use the least restraint possible. It may sound counterintutive, but it will make the animal less resistant. Allow your pet to move her head and limbs while carrying her. Sometimes towel-wrapping or just wearing heavy gloves can do the trick when moving her from one spot to another. Such tactics will not only get it done. They are also more respectful of the cat. And they won’t fray the trust you want to maintain with her.


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