Is It Okay to Kiss Your Cat?


Cats don’t express affection by puckering their lips and pressing them against another cat — or a person. So how do they feel about you doing it to them? A lot of people kiss their cats on top of the head.

Some cats will come to learn that you mean well by doing it. They understand that a gentle kiss means you love them. A cat may even purr in return or happily bump his head against yours. It makes sense, since kisses often come when things are feeling close and also tranquil.

Other cats may not like getting a kiss from you, but they will tolerate it. Still others will show displeasure — they will press back their ears, start swishing their tails back and forth, or get up and walk away. Don’t push it. If your cat is showing that a kiss from you is not acceptable, then it’s not.

A safe way to show any cat affection is to blink slowly at him. That’s kind of a cat’s “Morse code” for expressing love, or at least relaxed, secure feelings about you.


  1. One of my cats loves for me to kiss him on top of his head, on his paws, on his body. The other clearly does not like kisses on top of his head. He tolerates it, but is not very happy about it. I love them dearly!

  2. Tanooki loves hugs, kisses & to be picked up. However-he’s a 1-person cat (mine) from the day I got him, I lavished attention on him. Ps he’s an Abysinian.

  3. My cat Duncan, loves kisses
    On the top of his head and the back of his neck. He is not a lap cat, but will sometimes lie down on my chest and stomach when I’m lying on the couch. His nose runs profusely when he is in a super affectionate mode!


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