How to Adjust Your Cat to the Carrier


You’ve got to take your cat somewhere — the vet’s, a boarding facility — but shoving her into the carrier in a struggle just before walking out the door is not the way to go. You can accustom your cat to her carrier by leaving it out for her to see and examine — and maybe even use for a nap — rather than stuffing it away in a closet or the garage. That way, it won’t be “that thing” that comes out only when “something bad” is about to happen.

Also, keep a wonderful, soft blanket and other things that will make your cat feel cozy and right at home inside the carrier.

On the day of the trip, don’t pursue your cat in a heated chase. Instead, advises the American Association of Feline Practitioners, withhold food for a while, then toss a few pieces of one of her favorite treats into the carrier. If you have worked to make it one of her go-to spots, she should walk in willingly.


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