As American as Baseball and…Cats?


It was the bottom of the eighth between the Colorado Rockies and the L.A. Dodgers when a long-haired grey cat darted onto Denver’s Coors Field behind home plate. He made his way straight to second base, then headed for the outfield to lie down in the grass near Dodgers player Cody Bellinger. The move brought the cheering hometown crowd to its feet until a Coors Field staffer whisked the feline away (and until the Dodgers went on to an 11-6 win).

Turns out feral cats have lived in the Coors Field neighborhood for decades — and, not surprisingly, generally avoid interaction with people. Word has it, in fact, that the “self-designated runner” escaped the grip of its “catcher” and disappeared into the night.

But the acclaim the cats have received now that one of them stole second base — and the hearts of fans — has people in rescue coming together to talk about a Trap-Neuter-Release effort for the turf-loving felines.



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