A Website to Match Homeless Cats With Prospective Human Mates


More of Sweden’s homeless cats may soon be finding their way to permanent homes because of Kattis.net, which mimics social dating apps. Just as date-matching sites help people sort through potential romantic partners more quickly than traditional dating, Kattis compiles a database of all the cats available for adoption in the country’s 100-plus shelters, allowing an easier sorting of potential pets based on appearance and information about age, behavior, and so on. It provides much more promise for an optimal match than just visiting the local shelter.

The site, created by pet insurance company Sveland Djurfrskringar, has already drawn hundreds of interested visitors. That number will likely increase once the site is made available as a mobile app for Androids and iPhones — a good thing since Sweden’s shelters are so crowded they reportedly were forced to turn away more than 1,740 homeless cats last year alone.

The U.S. has millions of homeless cats in its own shelters. Imagine the improved possibilities for adoption.


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