Werewolf Cats: Not Just for Full Moons


There’s nothing scary about werewolf cats, a rare breed whose moniker is attributable to their sometimes hairless faces surrounded by tufts of fur. In fact, they are “a fun loving, intelligent breed who loves to interact with humans, cats, and even dogs,” according to the Cat Fanciers Association.

Officially known as the Lykoi — Greek for wolf — these felines gained some media attention earlier this year when a Maine woman brought her pet to the veterinarian, concerned that it had begun losing facial fur. But nothing was wrong. Werewolf cats simply molt their silky roan-pattern coat twice a year, losing anything from tufts of fur to all of it. In cases that a Lykoi goes completely hairless, it can give the appearance of a Sphynx cat, though there is no genetic relatedness.

Because cats of the Lykoi breed do no have an undercoat, they are susceptible to both the sun’s ultraviolet rays and hypothermia, making it even more important for them to remain indoors than other feline breeds. But otherwise, these rare and unusual-looking cats are perfectly healthy and make delightful companions.



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