Three Ways to Minimize Stress


As you already know, cats are not generally the most “chill” of animals. They startle easily and, if they feel overwhelmed, can become withdrawn or grumpy — or both. Here are three simple ways to reduce stress so your pet can maintain emotional equilibrium.

Feed your cat and play with him at approximately the same time each day. Felines like predictability.

If you sense your cat is feeling overwhelmed, speak to him more softly than usual, and also in a somewhat higher-pitched voice than usual. Deep voices can create fear, points out the cat-saving organization Paws Chicago, and loud voices can be grating to feline ears.

During chaotic times (like when the plumber comes to tend to an emergency) put the cat in a quiet room away from the action, and make sure he has his litterbox, food, some toys, and places to climb.


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