Should I Buy a Covered or Uncovered Litter Box?

Excerpt from It's A Cat's World...You Just Live In It by Justine A. Lee, DVM


The next time you’re in a pet store, take a look around – you’ll be amazed at the variety of litter box choices that are available. You can purchase tall boxes, short boxes, small boxes, huge boxes, boxes with automatic scoopers, boxes of different shapes and colors, and covered and uncovered boxes. Most come with a lid, but not everyone chooses to use them. When in doubt, splurge a little – after all, litter boxes pretty much last a lifetime. Personally, I tolerate only covered litter boxes in my household. I like them because they help keep the kitty litter dust and smell in, prevent excessive kicking of litter onto the floor, and are more aesthetically friendly to houseguests.

In a multicat household, the more submissive cat may feel “trapped” in a covered litter box by an approaching cat and may be too timid to enter a covered litter box if she’s feeling ganged up on. This may then result in inappropriate urination (i.e., peeing in your laundry basket, your plants, the basement, or on your down comforter). If your cats get along fine, try covered litter boxes, as it dramatically decreases the “dirtness” of having a litter box around in your house. You may even notice that our friends come around to visit you more. If you’re not sure, leave a few options out there for your cats: a few covered and uncovered litter boxes, a few different locations, and different types of litter to see what your cats prefer.

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