Save Money and Make Your Own Cat Toys!

Save Money and Make Your Own Cat Toys!


Before you spend money on pricey, commercial cat toys, take a quick look around your house. Many common household items can double as cat toys, including paper bags, cardboard boxes, cardboard toilet paper rolls, drinking straws and bottle caps.

Here are some ideas for converting household items into cat toys:

  • Cut holes in a plastic water bottle so that kibble is dispensed when the cat rolls the bottle around.
  • Tie fabric strips to a long stick and run it across the floor.
  • Take an old sock, put some catnip and crumpled cellophane inside, and knot it up for your cat to wrestle with or carry around.
  • For prey-minded cats who love to chase, toss an aluminum foil ball downstairs, upstairs, across the floor or in your empty bathtub. Acrumpled piece of paper can be fun, too!


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