Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: Approach to Cat Care

A conservative and common sense approach to cat care can have a variety of benefits.


Each trip I make to the supermarket, I always think of the people who are able to amass a tremendous amount of savings by clipping coupons and knowing exactly when and where to shop. I must admit that I lack that type of discipline!

But I do stock up on staples when they’re on sale — especially cat litter and cat food — and I feel like a good “cat mother” whenever the pantry is full.

The one caveat is that I don’t stray far from the brands of food that I like to feed. Yes, it can be tempting when I see a cheaper brand of food on sale — but cheap cat food is never a good place to save money, according to experts. We explain the reasons why in our article on “Budget-Friendly Cat Care Tips” on page 3 of this issue.

We also discuss the importance of regular veterinary wellness visits. With those cats that vehemently resist the trip to the clinic, it can certainly feel like an easy excuse to delay it. And delay it. And then delay it some more! (This can become even more pronounced in a multicat home, which is when a housecall vet can be worth his or her weight in gold.) But keeping tabs on your cat’s health is critically important — and becomes increasingly more so as she ages.

A yearly blood test is recommended for the aging cat (roughly 10 years and older), and is an excellent way to pinpoint potential health issues before they turn into something more serious, complex and hard to treat. This is discussed in our article on page 6 of this issue.

And owners of indoor cats who benefit from all that good food, regular veterinary care and a safe lifestyle must still keep in mind potential issues like obesity and behavioral problems stemming from boredom.

A recent study determined that cats can benefit from returning to their roots, like the African wildcat who hunts throughout the day to procure small meals. This can be simulated by using food puzzles, either one you buy or make yourself. We even give you some ideas on page 16. Happy crafting!


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