Keeping Your Furniture Safe from Scratches Without “Covering” Your Upholstery


Scratching posts, unpleasant scents sprayed onto fabric, distractions like catnip and toys — you’ve tried everything to keep your cat from digging her sharp nails along the arms of your sofa and ruining the fabric, but nothing has helped. Your next step is to cover the upholstery, but there goes your decor.

But did you know you can keep your pet from fraying the chairs and couches without marring your interior decorating? See-through plastic Couch Protectors can be cut to size and self-adhere just to those specific areas your cat is intent on ruining — a piece of the arm of a chair, a particular cushion. They won’t turn your living room into your grandmother’s completely sealed seating area. A 10-pack of the plastic sheets (now with upgraded stickiness) costs $17.98 on


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