How Long Can a Cat Live?


Imagine getting a cat when you’re 20 and having the pet until you’re 52. That’s just what happened to Michelle Heritage of Exeter, England. She got Rubble, a Maine coon cat, for her 20th birthday when he was a kitten. And he made it almost to his 32nd birthday.

Most cats live well into their teens, and it’s not uncommon to see one make it to his 20s. But going more than 30 years is pretty amazing. Just how old is that in human years?

The conversion rate is not set in stone, but generally speaking, a cat on his first birthday is considered to have reached the human age of 15. On his second birthday, he is the equivalent of 24. After that, every year roughly corresponds to four human years. So a cat living to almost 32 is like a person living well into his 140s. We’re talking Biblical lifespan, folks.


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